Continuing on from part one of our nudibranch species identifier, here is part 2! Thanks again to Ilan Lubitz for photographing these awesome critters for us!
flabellina rubrolineata nudibranchglossodoris rufomarginatus nudibranch
chromodoris dianae nudibranchardeadoris pullata nudibranch
costasiella kuroshimae nudibranchgymnodoris nudibranch
halgerda batangas nudibranchchromodoris colemani nudibranch
cuthona kanga nudibranchchromodoris preciosa nudibranch
chromodoris coi nudibranchchelindonura hirundinina nudibranch
ardeadoris egretta nudibranchcromodoris fidelis nudibranch
pseudoceros scriptus nudibranchbornella anguilla nudibranch
asteronotus cespitosus nudibranchdiversidoris crocea nudibranch
tambja morosa nudibranchgoniobranchus kuniei

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