Here is the sort of  guest post that I love having. One that makes me want to go to even more far out and interesting places and see cool stuff. When I heard about Tioman Island in Malaysia, I admit I did have to look at a map. I was pleasantly surprised to see it sitting off of Malaysian peninsula, as apposed to Borneo, like the famous Sipadan is. Here are some great photos from Grahame Massicks, all from Tioman! All the photos in this collection have been taken on the dive sites around Tioman Island, Malaysia.  Many of them have been taken on shore dives in Salang Bay.  Salang is the most northerly of the villages on the west coast of the island.  I have been taking underwater photos and working as a dive instructor there for over ten years now. Most of the shots have been taken on my trusty Olympus 5060 with a Sea and Sea strobe and add on wet lenses, both wide angle and macro.  Clown fish, nudibranch, turtles and cuttlefish are features of the diving there, but there is a great deal more to see, but we can only show so much in a feature like this. If you would like to know more about me, underwater photography or learning to dive on Tioman Island then check out my web site.

scuba diving tioman

scuba diving tiomanscuba diving tioman

scuba diving tioman malaysiascuba diving tioman malaysia

scuba diving tioman malaysiascuba diving tioman malaysia

scuba diving tioman malaysiascuba diving tioman malaysia

scuba diving tioman malaysia


Grahame Massicks has sent me so many awesome photos from scuba diving Tioman Island, Malaysia, that we decided to make a part 2! So click HERE to see the rest of his collection!

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