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From Indonesia to Egypt to Maldives, check out our favorite videos from some of the best scuba locations in the world! To watch more scuba videos CLICK HERE!

Underwater Photo Essays

Check out some amazing underwater photo essays, from some of the best photographers in the world, in some of the greatest destinations one can dive. 

We have put together some photo essays of intriguing critters and interesting locations, that will make you want to get in the water yourself! See our photo essays here!

Latest Articles

Exploring Anemone Valley: A Sea of Clown Fish

For the past week, I’ve been exploring the various dive sites around the island of Alor in Indonesia. This location is one of three stops on my trip, organized by the ministry of tourism, in hopes of promoting new scuba diving locations in the country. For the last few years I have been brought to

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Scuba Destination Spotlight #30: Komodo, Indonesia

Rarely does a dive spot feel like a dream come true. With a huge variety of marine and coral life, superb and untouched reefs, excellent hunting actions, the Komodo Islands offer it all. The dives are generally more suite to experienced divers, because the currents can get very strong, but there are a few spots

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Scuba Destination Spotlight #29: Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

A paradise for wreck divers, this string of islands in the middle of Pacific Ocean allow for some amazing diving opportunities. Spread out over a distance of 3,000 kilometers, the islands of Micronesia are surrounded by coral reefs, and Truk Lagoon itself sports many wrecks that have sunk throughout the years. The warm climate and

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Scuba Travel Guides

It can be daunting planning a dive trip to a foreign country, especially in locations with little information online. But it doesn’t have to be. Our experts have put together some country guides to all of our favorite scuba diving destinations! 

So whether you are interested in visiting Malta, Mozambique or many others, this information is all you will ever need! See all of our dive guides HERE.


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