Scuba Diving in the Paradise of Bahamas

Diving is one of the most fantastic hobbies you can ever start. It allows you to test your nerve, envelope yourself in an underwater world much different from our own. Through overcoming your general fear of diving into a body of water, the sort of sea life that lies underneath the surface is more than a sufficient reward!

But, what sort of places should you frequent if you want to get the best diving experience?

It’s up for debate obviously, someone’s favourite spot might be significantly different to another person. Different people have different thresholds of entertainment and fun, and it can be quite difficult to find one single location that has something for everyone. But somewhere out there, there must be a place that meets everyone’s needs. A place that balances fun, adventure and intrigue just perfectly enough to attract all kinds of visitors. A place that allows visitors to get as much out of there scuba diving experience as humanly possible.

We believe that that place is… the Bahamas!

Where are the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is a coral-based archipelago that resides in the Atlantic Ocean, just between Cuba and the United States of America. It has a large number of islands that exist under the umbrella term of the Bahamas, from the uninhabited and rarely explored, to the bustling with tourists and interesting activity.

Due to the warm tropical nature of the Gulf Stream, the Bahamas have a savannah-like climate that remains largely winterless. This means the temperature and climate is largely perfect all-year round, especially for adventurous hobbies like diving!


What can I expect?

The water is crystal clear wherever you go on the island, allowing for wondrous excavations under the waters surface. You can expect to find a large number of underwater species that make a home off the coast of the Bahamas, some of which you’ll have never ever seen before. You can also expect to explore caverns and caves in your travels as well, secretive underwater caves created over time by the erosion of the rock.

Where there is shallow reef, you can expect to see a myriad of colourful and vibrant species of animal, as well as shallow shipwrecks that lurk at the very bottom of the seabed.

And when you’re done?

You will be able to relax on calm, white beaches whilst the sun sets and a cool breeze blows.


So where should I go?

There are a number of different places to explore in the Bahamas when looking for perfect scuba diving spots. But, saying that is all well and good! We’ll give you a few spots to start you off, and then the rest is up to you!


Andros –

Andros Island is a great place for beginners. The beautiful coastline allows you to see wildlife, shipwrecks and coral reef all in the same area!

It allows you to explore the Andros Barrier Reef, the 3rd largest in the whole world. It stretches 100 miles along the Andros shore offering some of the most exciting diving experiences in the whole of the Bahamas. Sea Turtles, Stingrays, Sharks and a whole host of other fantastic species of sea life await you!

Lost, sunken ships also await your eager excavation, as well as freshwater blue holes where the rainwater and seawater erode away the limestone to form amazing caverns ready for you to explore.

Andros really does have it all, so it should definitely be on your list when choosing to scuba dive in the Bahamas.


Grand Bahamas

The Grand Bahamas offers a diving experience like no other, one not for the faint of heart! Diving in the Grand Bahamas will allow you to explore a spooky sunken ship known as Theo’s Wreck up close.

As well as this you’ll be able to meet large groups of spiny lobsters marching along the seabed. And, if you’re lucky enough, you might just spot the majestic Tiger Shark.

But don’t worry, the Grand Bahamas have a diving site for just about every level of difficulty. There’s no need to step out of your comfort zone if you don’t want to.



Nassau is actually the capital of the Bahamas, the city itself has a hilly landscape and it is well known for its beaches and coral reefs.

Underwater caves and caverns resembling small forests await you off the coast of the Bahamas capital city. But don’t worry too much, Stuart’s Cove is one of the many trained and professional diving companies working to make sure you have a fantastic and secure time. You’ll meet Caribbean Reef Sharks, shallow reefs and shipwrecks seen in James Bond films!


Do I need training?

You don’t need any formal training in order to go diving in the Bahamas. As long as you adhere to general safety rules, look out for local laws of the area concerning diving, and always dive with a registered company that is trained to do so and don’t forget your diving knife!

If you are an intermediate diver, you can look at diving solo. If you are going to do this, always follow the rules set out for you. But if you’ve never done it before, the best thing to do would be to stick with your instructor.

So there you have it! A group of islands, each brimming with adventure and exploration opportunities. All they need is for someone brave, eager and energetic enough to take them on! See the underwater caverns, swim with turtles, sharks, lobsters and stingrays, swim up close to old sunken Spanish galleons, and have the time of your life!

Are you ready to take on the adventures that await you, in the Bahamas?