Top 5 Tips for your Bali Dive Trip


Bali is one of the most renowned islands, located in Indonesia, where every year many tourists from all around the world visit for the forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches, and of course, the diving. There is a different world under the water that may thrill you and give you a memorable experience at the same time.

Once you will emerge into this adventurous activity, you will explore a collection of underwater gardens full of marine life. God has given us a lot in the form of nature, that will amaze you when exploring the beauty of oceans and its sites.

There are many dive centers in Amed, who can give you great service, as well as provide you with all the essential gear and guides, which are important for a good trip. And when it comes to Diving in Bali, Amed is some of the best on offer.

Here you would find the warm waters around the island, which will provide you comfort in enjoying the marine life. With Bali dive shop, you will get a chance to see sharks, turtles, manta rays and a kaleidoscopic range of tropical fish.


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Important Tips to keep in mind for Amed Scuba Diving

Here are a few tips to keep you safe, and make sure you have the best dive trip possible.

1. Do not go anywhere without your guide- You might not be very conscious about the fact that there are many routes around a dive site, and it is essential to have a guide so as not to get lost. Not only will they keep you from getting lost, and help you find critters known to them, it is also a good idea to always dive with a buddy anyways.

2. Follow the instructions thoroughly- Before starting your dives, your dive shop will provide you with some important instructions that you have to keep into consideration. These instructions will be related to your safety and the quick actions that you have to take at the time of facing an emergency.

3. Never touch any marine life- A diver should never touch or manipulate or bother any marine life. They are not there for your entertainment, or for you to manipulate into getting better photos, and some of them might be dangerous. Look, but don’t touch.

4. Make sure to empty your pockets before your dive! Many divers have forgot to take their phones from their pockets, and their dives were ruined along with their electronics! No one wants that to happen.

5. Keep all your ATM Cards and money Secure- In the hurry of experiencing the diving, make sure that you don’t forget to keep your money secure. No matter, where you are leaving for, if there is no need of money then keep it inside the locker.


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Major Diving Sites in Bali that you must Visit

Diving in Bali is already a memorable experience of life but still, there are some of the major site, which is popular and has a lot to show its visitor. If you are willing to have a memorable and never forgetting experience of diving then here are some of the locations that you must watch in Bali.

Tulamben East Bali

Tulamben East Bali is the remote coastal village, located in East Bali Lacks in its bleak overland terrain. The main attraction of it is USAT Liberty shipwreck. Here, you will get the chance to explore the wreck, which has colorful corals and variety of tropical fish. It has a combination of muddy volcanic sea beds and natural reef walls. Occasional sightings you will get chance to see migrating mantas, sunfish, sea turtles and dolphins Here, the visibility is fairly clear year round.

Amed East Bali

Amed is another favorite diving sites of diverts. It welcomes all skill level divers, who are willing to explore something new throughout their diving experience. The place is two-hour transfer from Kuta via the main eastern Bali route. It is a convenient day trip destination. Stay-overs are advisable and quite effortless here.

It includes Jemeluk Bay, which has a great collection of resorts and cheap guesthouses dotting its coastline. The visibility in the year-round is great, you do not need to struggle a lot to have a view. You will find the Dense gorgonian gardens and coral reef walls inside the depths of up to eight meters.


diving sites in north Bali

Pemuteran North Bali

Pemuteran North Bali is considered as the calm and scenic bay on Bali’s north-western coast. It has been drawing the attention of the world’s diving community. It is considered the largest ‘bio rock’ reef site on the planet, which is the major reason lots of people from all around the world come to visit it and experience.

You can dive under the calm waves of Pemuteran with good visibility here throughout the year, which is the biggest advantage of it.

Menjangan Island North Bali

Another diving site that must keep into consideration is Menjangan Island North Bali. It is calm and pristine waters around Menjangan Island. It provides the spectacular underwater beauty. If you are snorkelers and divers, then you will instantly love its shallow reefs. Moreover, you can access this protected nature reserve island by boat, and go under the crystal-clear surface.

In addition to this, if you will go deeper then you will find several specific dive sites such as the ‘temple wall’ with its colorful reef teeming with tropical cardinalfish.


So what you are waiting for. Arm Scuba diving can be memorable for you in many ways. Thus, you must explore another world of this plant which is under water. It will amaze you by its beauty and ensure you the lifetime experience.


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