Bali Hanging Gardens

Bali has no shortage of beautiful resorts, villas, and luxury hotels. But if you are looking for a true, tropical luxury experience then look no further than Bali Hanging Gardens. It’s the ultimate stay for couples on vacation, honeymooners, or even just solo travelers or friends who are looking to be spoiled in Bali.

About Bali Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens Ubud
Flickr Credit: Adam Margerison

Bali Hanging Gardens is a luxury resort north of Ubud, Bali. It’s located in the heart of the jungle; surrounded by rainforests, wildlife, and rice terraces. It’s a true jungle escape; perfect for those looking to experience the magic of Bali without the traffic, crowds, and touts.

The concept for the Bali Hanging Gardens came about in 2003 and the resort was completed in 2005. A team of 700 local craftsmen took on this project; using local materials and indigenous ideas to create the almost dream-like property. There are a total of 44 private villas which overlook the Ayung River and the lush valley.

Bali Hanging Gardens has been named as the number one honeymoon destination in Bali and its iconic infinity pool has been given the title as ‘the best swimming pool in the world’. The resort has also received several awards including World Luxury Hotel Awards and Seven Star Global Luxury Awards. It truly is the ultimate luxury experience in Bali.

The Villas

Bali Hanging Gardens has a total of 44 private villas available for guests. Each of the villas are designed to echo the island’s natural beauty. Hand crafted furniture, luxurious fabrics, large contemporary bathrooms, sweeping views, and open air dining all add to each villa’s charm.

There are several types of villas to choose from including the Presidential suite (starting at $1377USD/night) to the Garden Suite (starting at $492USD/night). There are also larger family villas available which offer two separate bedrooms. Keeping with the local indigenous theme, each of the villas have Alang Alang thatched rooftops, which also adds to the resort’s goal of promoting harmony with nature.

The Infinity Pool

Bali Hanging Gardens
Flickr Credit: Christoph Gutekunst

The Infinity Pool at the Hanging Gardens of Bali is probably the most iconic aspect of the resort. The pool has been named as one of the best pools in the world by numerous media outlets and has become Instagram famous. It was even named as the World’s Best Swimming Pool by Conde Nast Traveler.

This infinity pool has a unique design so that it seems to be suspended over the jungle. The design allows pool-goers to feel almost like they are floating above the clouds. It is known to be one of the most photographed pools in the world.

Dining at Bali Hanging Gardens

When it comes to dining options at the Bali Hanging Gardens, guests are sure to be impressed. The resort promises to take guests on a ‘five-star culinary journey’. The chefs have created an impressive menu combining both authentic local cuisine alongside international specialties to cater to everyone. Fresh and organic produce is sourced right from the resort’s own grounds while the fresh seafood comes from nearby Jimbaran Bay. All other meats originate from Southeast Asia and Australia.

Guests staying at the Bali Hanging Gardens are offered several options when it comes to dining, allowing them the choice between more casual bites or upscale meals. Dining choices include: The Garden Restaurant, the Garden Bar, the Café at the Spa, and the Library. Afternoon tea is also available, or, for a truly special evening, inquire about dining in the temple or beside the infinity pool.

The Spa

The Spa at Bali Hanging Gardens promises to enhance your jungle escape experience. Therapists use a mixture of local ingredients and traditional techniques to soothe and relax your body and soul. The Spa at Bali Hanging Gardens is one of the top rated spas on the island. There is a comprehensive menu offering services including massage, nail treatments, hair treatments, body wraps and baths, facial treatments, reflexology and more. Enjoy one of the above treatments or enjoy a spa package that will allow you to experience several items on the menu.

Non-Guest Options

Bali Hanging Gardens is a resort, but non-guests can purchase packages that will allow them to visit the grounds and experience some of the best of what this jungle paradise has to offer. There are several visitor packages to choose from in a variety of price ranges. These include spa treatments, on site dining experiences, and visits (or access) to the iconic infinity pool. These visitor packages are a great way to experience some of the magic of Bali Hanging Gardens on a smaller budget.

Without a doubt, Bali Hanging Gardens promises to be a once in a lifetime luxury resort experience. So, if you are looking for a place to splurge and go-all out in Bali, then this is where to do it.

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