The 14 Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is simply one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. In fact, it’s won numerous awards for being one of the world’s best travel destinations. This includes TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award in 2017. With its beautiful natural surroundings, fascinating culture, and delicious food, Bali has everything a traveller could possibly want.

Of course, one of its greatest attractions are its many gorgeous beaches. There’s something for everyone, regardless of whether you want to go surfing or just relax by the ocean. There are beaches that are famous around the world for those who like to socialize. There are also hidden beaches if you want to get away. Today, we’re going to look at these beaches and see what each one has to offer.

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14 Best Beaches in Bali

Here is a list of 14 of the best beaches Bali has to offer. If you are visiting Bali, you should definitely put honor all of these beaches on your list! You will not be disappointed!


1. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach
Flickr Credit: Aaron Toth

Kuta Beach is possibly the most popular beach in Bali for obvious reasons. It’s located only a few minutes from Ngurah Rai National Airport. It was a quiet, fishing village at one time. Now it is one of the busiest resort towns on the island.

This beach has a thriving party scene, which is great if you’re looking for some wild fun. It’s also well-known for being a great spot for surfing. There are a handful of surfing schools available if you’d like to learn something new on your vacation.

2. Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach
Flickr Credit: Mark Doliner

Padang Padang is famous for being featured in a scene in the 2010 film Eat, Pray, Love. It’s easy to see why this particular beach was chosen for the scene. It’s a truly beautiful sight to behold, especially in the early morning hours when the sun is rising.

Padang Padang is another popular spot for surfing. Its surf is consistently excellent all year round. The beach is also relatively small and tucked away, making it a rather intimate location overall.

3. Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach
Flickr Credit: KTinTaiwan

Seminyak is a busy beach with a very chic, high-class vibe. This is because it is home to numerous, 5 star resorts, restaurants, boutiques, and beach bars. If you want to vacation in style, then this is the beach to go to.

Seminyak Beach is also well-known for its thriving nightlife. There are a number of clubs and lounges to check out, all of which feature DJ’s, dancers, and musical performances. Seminyak is the go-to place to party once the sun goes down.

4. Balangan Beach

bali beaches
Flickr Credit: phudd23

On the other end of the spectrum is Balangan Beach. Also known as Pantai Balangan, Balangan Beach is a more laid back experience compared to some of the other beaches. You’re not going to find massive crowds of people here, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun.

Once again, Balangan Beach is popular among surfers, although you won’t see much swimming here. It also contain a number of warungs, small shacks that offer authentic Indonesian food. Overall, it’s a great spot to chill out, get a snack, and do some surfing.

5. Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach
Flickr Credit: Toni White

The aptly named Dreamland Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach with clear blue waters. It’s considered to be one of Bali’s hidden beaches although recent developments have made it more accessible. This is partially due to the addition of several new resorts to the area. In fact, some people have begun referring to it as the “New Kuta”.

Also, unlike many of the other popular surfing spots in Bali, Dreamland Beach is not a shallow reef. This means you can surf as much as you like without having to worry about hitting a reef.

6. Karma Beach

Karma Beach
Flickr Credit: Kei

Karma Beach is considered by many to be among the most beautiful beaches Bali has to offer, which is saying quite a lot. Its white sands look like something out of a postcard, and its sunsets are something you simply have to see for yourself. You can also enter the beach via cable car, which is quite an experience in itself.

This beach is also fairly undiscovered, so you won’t have to deal with any large crowds. And if you needed anymore reason to visit, they even play movies on the beach on Monday nights.

7. Bingin Beach

best beaches in bali
Flickr Credit: Chris Redan

Bingin Beach is the very definition of a hidden beach. Getting there takes a little bit of work, but anyone who’s visited will tell you it’s worth it. It’s a beautiful place to get away, and it’s also one of the most in demand surf spots on the entire island.

Furthermore, Bingin Beach is only 30 minutes away from Denpasar Airport, and it’s surrounded by many affordable resorts. This makes it a great destination for backpackers who are travelling on a budget. It’s also in close proximity to other popular beaches such as Dreamland Beach and Padang Padang.

8. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach
Flickr Credit: Meindert van D

This is the place to go if you want to enjoy some good food while you’re on the beach. Jimbaran Beach’s location is considered to be the center for seafood in Bali. There are many great restaurants to be found here, and you can even find fishermen selling freshly caught fish right on the beach.

On top of this, there are several 5 star hotels and spas by the beach. Because of this, the town is sometimes referred to as the “Beverly Hills of Bali.” And of course, the beach itself is absolutely beautiful with white, sandy beaches and beautiful, blue waters that are perfect for swimming.

9. Echo Beach

Echo Beach
Flickr Credit: Laura Boyd

With Echo Beach, you get the best of both worlds. By day, it’s one of the most in-demand surf spots on the whole island. By night, it becomes a party beach with barbeques and other dining spots opening once the sun goes down.

Of all the surfing spots in Bali, Echo Beach is considered one of the most advanced. This is great if you tried some of the other places and are looking for more of a challenge. Unlike many of the white sandy beaches on this list, Echo Beach features black sands. This gives it a unique look of its own.

10. Geger Beach

Geger Beach
Flickr Credit: Mirko Hladik

Geger Beach is a somewhat secluded beach that’s great for relaxing in the sun. Its golden sands are beautiful, its waters are calm, and the beach itself is never too crowded. This beach is a favorite for people who like to go swimming. It’s also a popular spot for kayaks and paddleboards.

On top of this, Geger Beach is also surrounded by 5 star resorts and an 18 hole golf course. The incredible Geger Temple, which can be seen in the distance, adds to its picturesque beauty.

11. Amed Beach

Blue waters of Amed
Flickr Credit: NikolajAlexanderPics

Amed Beach is one of the best places in Bali to go scuba diving. Its coral reefs feature an abundance of marine life, and there’s also a Japanese shipwreck. It’s considered to be an easy dive, making it a great spot for beginning divers. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to have an underwater adventure.

Amed Beach is also known for its black sands and its gorgeous sunrises. It’s one of the best spots on the island to watch the sun come up.


12. Nyang Nyang Beach

 white sand of Nyang-nyang beach
Flickr Credit: Baptiste L

This is the beach to go to if you crave privacy. Nyang Nyang’s status as a hidden beach is well-earned as it is one of the least visited beaches in Bali. Getting there takes a little bit of work, but you won’t be disappointed when you get there.

When you visit Nyang Nyang Beach, there’s a good chance you’ll have the whole beach to yourself. It’s rarely visited by other people, and there are few signs of civilization in general. It’s also not unheard of for people to go camping here. If you’ve ever felt like spending the night on the beach, this is the place to do it.

13. Sanur Beach

white sand of Sanur beach
Flickr Credit: cutemist

If you really want to experience Bali’s unique culture, this is the beach to go to. This former fishing village still retains much of the charm that made it an attraction in the first place. This is despite the numerous resorts which have popped up in the area in recent years.

In many ways, Sanur Beach is the opposite of a beach like Kuta. It’s well-known for its laid back atmosphere. You can find numerous warungs serving authentic Indonesian cuisine, and there’s also local artwork. Sailing and kite surfing are both popular activities here.

14. Impossible Beach

rock formation of Impossible beach
Flickr Credit: Johanna Remus

Many great surfing spots have been discussed on this list, but Impossible Beach might be the best of them all. Its powerful waves have made it famous all around the world. If you’re an advanced surfer that really wants to have some fun, then this is the beach for you.

Impossible Beach was named for its relative inaccessibility, but this has been remedied in recent years. It’s considered a hidden beach, so you won’t have to fight too many crowds when you’re there. It’s simply a great place to relax and do some surfing.

As you can see, Bali has a lot to offer for all you beach lovers out there. Regardless of whether you want to surf, party, or just soak up some sun, this island has everything you need. So don’t wait. Start booking your trip today.

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