The 9 Best Beaches in Chile

The long, narrow country of Chile has some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. With over 2,500 miles of shoreline that graces the Pacific Ocean, there are beaches in Chile that will appeal to every different taste.

The northern portion of the country has the most popular beaches, while the southern section has a more rocky coastline that adds a great ambiance and mystique to your day.

There are many smaller coves and bays, especially along the central and southern sections, which you could possibly have all to yourselves.

The southern portion of the country also has some of the best beaches in Chile. Many are nestled in some fantastic forests, and are ideal for boating, sailing and enjoying any other watersports you desire.


1. Vina del Mar

best beaches in chile
Vina del Mar is certainly one of the most popular beaches in Chile for year-round pleasure, for locals and tourists alike.

The President of Chile even has a summer house there – in fact the upper elite have been staying here since the 1870’s, which attests to its magnificence.

It is also known as Garden City because of its splendor, not only along the beach but in the city as well.

The entire shoreline is pristine white sand with a long promenade that extends almost the full length. Plenty of spaces are set up for great activities such as beach volleyball and so much more.


2. Arica

best beaches in chile
Arica is one of those Chilean beaches that have a Caribbean feel to it. The water of the Pacific is so warm and gentle, and the sugary white sand so soft and inviting that you will quickly become absorbed into the scene.

The waves are strong enough that you can surf, but gentle enough to kayak, paddleboard and so much more. In the background is Morro de Arica, a magnificent national monument that has great trails for hiking and biking.

You can also parasail from the top, which will make you feel free as a bird, and give you a spectacular view from high in the sky.

The entire surroundings of the beach are an amazing mixture, with the high Andean Plateau and amazing desert that combine with the beautiful coastline.


3. Valparaiso

best beaches in chile
Valparaiso is another one of the most popular Chilean beaches as well as cities. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has some amazing architecture and other beautiful and historic structures along cobblestone streets.

The headquarters for the country’s congress as well as its Navy are here, which makes it a bustling, modern city in combination with its rich historical sections.

The port is one of the busiest ones in the country and is fascinating place to watch all of the maritime activity.

The colorful display, not only of the many ships from all over the world in the harbor, but the surrounding hills of the area are simply breathtaking.

The many small fishing wharves are wonderful places to observe the local fishermen hard at work, at to purchase some of their fresh catch.

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4. Iquique

best beaches in chile
Iquique is one of the beaches in Chile that has a Caribbean feel because of its laid back atmosphere, gentle ocean water and inviting warm sand with beautiful swaying palm trees.

Spending the day sunbathing on the warm sand or longing in a beach chair with your favorite book sounds like heaven. Or go diving and explore what fantastic marine life calls this place home.

You can even hire an open top car and drive along the promenade to see all of the sights.

You can rent jet skis, surf boards, kayaks and so much more. No matter what your idea of a perfect day at the beach is, it can all be realized right here.


5. Easter Island

best beaches in chile
Easter Island is one of the more famous beaches in Chile, and maybe as one of the best beaches along the entire Pacific Ocean coastline.

The sand on this beach is an intriguing and beautiful pink hue. With the swaying palm trees and calm sea, this is an ideal place to enjoy a beach vacation.

Surrounding this area is the iconic Rapa Nui National Park, which has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore this area on one of the many hiking and biking trails, or even more fun is to rent horses and travel it all on horseback.

From prairies to volcanoes, with the associated wildlife and flora for each region, you will be able to see such a wide variety of Mother Nature’s gifts.

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6. The Copiapo Valley

best beaches in chile
The Copiapo Valley is a unique place, with its rich mining background and the nearby Pan de Azúcar National Park. The mist that comes off the ocean, known as camanchaca, makes this such a lush green area which gives rise to a myriad of wildlife and plant species.

There is also desert areas around here that are amazing, and when it does get the rare rainfall, some of the most beautiful and rare species of flowers come alive.

You will also find the Nevado Tres Cruces National Park and the Ojos del Salado Volcano where some of the best and most challenging rock climbing in the world can be found.

The lagoons and the beaches in this region are simply spectacular, such as Bahía Inglesa or La Virgen with their pristine white sand and amazing turquoise water that is such fun to swim, snorkel, dive or anything else you choose to do.


7. Pichilemo

best beaches in chile
Pichilemo has some of the best beaches in Chile, as well as all of South America, for anyone that loves to surf. Annual competitions are held here every year where the best surfers from all over the world show up to test their skills.

Surrounding the beaches are some fantastic rock formations that fall right into the ocean, where the waves crash and create great mists and splashing.

This adds great moisture to the air, which is why there is such a lush green forest here. The waves also make for some great wind and kite surfing, sailing, kayaking for the experienced, jet skiing and so much more.

The town is a wonderful place to get some fresh authentic food and stroll through the many shoppes.

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8. Chiloe

best beaches in chile
Chiloe is a quaint and unique island where commercialization has not spoiled its identity. The colorful houses, known as palafitos, are all built on stilts, adding to the great aura.

You can learn so much of its folklore and culinary traditions here, as well as many myths and legends that the Chilote people love to share with others.

There are many wooden churches that will surprise and delight you, 16 of which have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

When not lounging on the beaches of this amazing island, you may want to hike along one of the many trails that will take you into some amazing forest areas.

This island is definitely one of the best experiences you can treat yourself to while you are exploring all of the great beaches in Chile.


9. La Serena & Coquimbo

best beaches in chile
La Serena & Coquimbo are sister towns and beaches in Chile where some of the best wine country is found. The desert climate is perfect for growing grapes that are used to produce award winning wine.

La Serena has a great boardwalk, Avenida del Mar, where you can find little shops and food vendors to browse.

Coquimbo is also famous for the casino and nightlife that it has to offer once you have spent the day in the water. There are many trails around both areas for hiking and biking.

On the water, you could spend full days surfing, parasailing, snorkeling and diving or any one of the many other watersports. You might also want to go out in a boat for some great deep-sea fishing and watching for whales, dolphins or any of the amazing fish that live here.

There are several protected marine reserves as well as coves that make for some of the bet snorkeling and diving of all the beaches in Chile. Nearby there is also the unique Humboldt Penguin National Park. Who would expect penguins in Chile!

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