The 14 Best Beaches in Dominica

The beaches in Dominica are some of the more unique and beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this island has a wide variety of beaches, with sand colors ranging from white, golden, gray and to beautiful jet black.

While still a relatively quiet country with fewer tourists than others, it is fast becoming one of the destination islands for scuba divers, snorkelers and others that love the sun, sand and surf.

The landscape and scenery around all of the beaches are so grand that it adds so much to the experience. The Cabrits National Park and other parks and marine reserves are wonderful places to visit in Dominica where you can see more of the wildlife, sea life and flora of this beautiful country.

Listed here are some of the best beaches in Dominica that show the diverse nature there is to offer.


1. Scotts Head Dominica

Best Beaches in Dominica
Scotts Head Dominica beach is at the very southern tip of the island, where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet. It overlooks Soufriere Bay, which is a protected marine reserve so has some of the absolute best snorkeling and diving spots.

There are many dive shops and guides in the nearby town of Soufriere, but the small fishing village of Scotts Head is where you want to head for some fantastic fresh seafood.

The scenery around this amazing Dominican beach is very magical, and there is the ruins of a fort on the cliff overlooking the ocean. This is a perfect beach in Dominica to spend the day.


2. Hampstead Beach

Best Beaches in Dominica
Hampstead Beach is one of the beaches in Dominica that has the beautiful rich black sand. It is also best accessed by a 4WD vehicle, which means fewer people are generally there.

There is a snack bar there, so it isn’t totally deserted, but it is isolated enough that you will have plenty of room to relax and soak up some sun.

Located just 0.8 miles west-northwest of Calibishie on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island, the beautiful scenery, peace and quiet are all enough to make this an ideal place to spend the day.

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3. Castle Bruce Beach

Castle Bruce Beach is another beach with the beautiful black sand, but also has some rocks scattered throughout. It is very popular beach with the locals from the nearby town with the same name.

Situated on the north-east coast fronting the Atlantic Ocean, this long beach provides great opportunity for some more rowdy fun. Enjoy the music while playing beach volleyball or build great sand castles.

The beach is long enough however, that you can escape the noise and go for a romantic stroll or do some beach combing. It is a wonderful place to go in Dominica for some great sun, sand and surf.


4. Soufriere Bay Beach

Best Beaches in Dominica
Soufriere Bay Beach is another beach in Dominica that has the underwater hot springs. Swimming in these waters is like being in a Jacuzzi, with the warm bubbles all around you. Certainly one of the best things to do in the Caribbean is to experience this for yourself.

Like nearby Scotts Head beach, it is a destination place for scuba divers, and dive shops and guides are readily available in the town of Soufriere. The underwater walls are perfect for exploring the amazing marine life, whether snorkeling or diving.

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5. Mero Beach

Mero Beach is a very popular beach with both the locals and tourists alike. Located just 0.6 miles south of St. Joseph, this beach has an amazing gray colored sand that is unique to the area.

Much softer sand than is found on most of the Dominican beaches, it is perfect for playing and sunbathing in. With a snack bar, restroom facilities, and the warm, calm waters, this is an ideal beach in Dominica to take the entire family.


6. Black Sands Beach

Best Beaches in Dominica
Black Sands Beach is perhaps the most famous beach in Dominica because of the magnificent soft black sand that the name suggests. The sand here is not mixed with dirt as is the case with most of the other beaches.

This makes it the softest sand you will find anywhere. You will love luxuriating on this wonderful beach. Located just 0.5 miles east of Central Calibishie, it is easy to get to, and you can enjoy a wonderful fresh seafood meal in town, or bring it to the beach with you.


7. Secret Beach

Secret Beach, on the edge of Prince Rupert Bay, may not be as “secret” as you might think. Parts of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” were filmed here, so if you saw the movie, you saw this beach.

But it is a more secluded beach, making it one of the quieter beaches in Dominica. It also has magnificent backdrop, with a beautiful rocky overhang on the shore. It is ideal for diving and snorkeling, with many great dive spots all around it that the locals will enjoy taking you to.

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8. Purple Beach

Best Beaches in Dominica
Purple Beach is also on the Prince Rupert Bay, on the north end near Portsmouth. It is also just south of Cabrits National Park which is another amazing place to see in Dominica.

You will love hiking, biking or driving through this region and seeing what wildlife and plants that this beautiful country has to offer. Located just 0.6 miles northwest of Central Portsmouth, this beach is easy to access.

If you do not want to make the food the vendors on the beach have your main meal, you are close to town where you can have a wonderful meal at a restaurant.

Just offshore is a beautiful coral reef structure that protects the crystal clear blue water, and makes for great diving and snorkeling. The wonderful sea almond trees that line the beach offers some terrific shade and add to the beauty of the area.


9. La Plaine Beach

La Plaine Beach is one of the smaller beaches in Dominica, but it is one of the most magical and awe-inspiring ones you will find here. Misty cliffs surround this piece of heaven that will give you the sense that you are the only one around.

Amazing photographs have been taken here by many. It is a perfect place for peaceful walks, listening to the ocean crash into the rocks while regaining some inner peace.

Located on the eastern shore of the island just over a mile from the small village of La Plaine, you will be glad you stopped by this one. The nearby Riverside Cafe makes for a great place for lunch or dinner after a day enjoying this beach.

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10. St. Joseph Beach

Best Beaches in Dominica
St. Joseph Beach is best known for the amazing snorkeling and diving opportunities there are here. The offshore reefs are so alive with colorful marine life, that you could spend the whole day searching them out.

Located on the west coast of the island, you can see the beach from the road just north of the town with the same name. Trees act like a barrier to the road, so the road noise is kept to a minimum.

With most people going to the more popular Mero Beach, this one is generally quiet with fewer visitors.


11. Woodbridge Bay Beach

Woodbridge Bay Beach is perhaps the most convenient beach in Dominica as it is right in Roseau. This makes it a very popular place for people to dip into the ocean if only for a couple hours. With more people here, it is a lively and bustling place.

There are docks off the shore with many boats tied up. You could even find one that you could charter for the day for some amazing sailing, whale watching and so much more.

The shoreline is long enough that you can even find some quieter areas for your family to spend the day.

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12. Salisbury Beach

Best Beaches in Dominica

Salisbury Beach is on the west coast of the island, so is one of the beaches on the Caribbean Sea. It is also one of the beaches in Dominica that is known for the coral reefs that surround it. In fact, this one has three separate reefs, with one of them being real close to the shore.

This is ideal for snorkelers, and scuba divers really enjoy those that are further out in the water. Located between Portsmouth and Roseau it is near the tiny village of Baroui, which is a fantastic place to see in Dominica to get a feel for the local culture.

It is not as crowded as may other beaches, so you can have all the room you need to make your day perfect.

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13. West Ross Beach

West Ross Beach is located very close to Portsmouth and Dublanc on the northwestern coast of the island. While being conveniently located near larger towns, it is secluded enough that it is one of the relatively untouched parts of the coast.

It is a very nice, relaxing beach with fewer guests than many other beaches in Dominica. The beautiful gray sand stretches along the shores for enough distance that you could easily find yourself an isolated spot to wile away the hours.

This beach on the Caribbean Sea is so inviting, and the warm water is legendary for swimming, snorkeling and playing in.


14. Marceau Bay

Best Beaches in Dominica
Marceau Bay is another spectacular beach in Dominica that is quiet and peaceful. On the northwest side of the island by the tiny village of Capuchin, it is one of the more scenic beaches you will find.

A magnificent mountain range provides a beautiful backdrop, and you can hike the Waitukbuli National Trail while here. The warm, crystal clear blue water of the Caribbean is ideal to swim in, while the pristine gray sand makes for a great place to sunbathe.

Bring along a picnic and your favorite beverages while you watch a spectacular sunset here.

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All in all, the beaches in Dominica are some of the best, most relaxing ones of all the beaches in the Caribbean Sea. Generally less crowded than other countries, not only are the beaches inviting, but there are many other things to do in Dominica as well.