The 9 Best Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, and arguably the most lively and fun filled as any of them.  The beaches in Jamaica are some of the absolute best you will find anywhere and attract tourists from around the world.

You can also find many stretches of beach that are very secluded that are perfect for that quiet, relaxing get away.  With the hundreds of miles of beaches in Jamaica, you will easily be able to find that perfect spot that will make your holiday the best ever.

Enjoy the magic of the famous reggae music and sample the local foods such as jerk chicken as well as the many rum flavored drinks that make this island unique.


1. Turtle Beach

best beaches in Jamaica
Flickr Credit: William Leonard

Turtle Beach in Ocho Rios is certainly one of the most popular beaches in Jamaica for tourists from around the world. This magnificent crescent shaped bit of coastline stretches nearly 500m along Ocho Rios Bay, and is full of hotels and resorts so you can stay right there and enjoy every minute.

The gradual sloping of the sea bed makes much of the area shallow enough to allow swimming and playing in the water that is safe for everyone.There are many shops and guides on the beach that can provide the equipment you need to enjoy many other water sports such as scuba diving, kayaks, paddleboards and so much more.

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2. The Blue Lagoon Jamaica

best beaches in Jamaica
Flickr Credit: Kevin

The Blue Lagoon Jamaica is not only one of the most famous of all the Jamaica beaches but possibly the most beautiful area as well.  The area includes such wonders as the Dunn’s River Falls and the Blue Mountains, which you will definitely want to spend time exploring while here.

Many movies were filmed here, so you may feel like you have been here before.  The Blue Lagoon itself is the greatest sight of all.  It is a deep hole with stunningly blue water that comes from freshwater water springs.It is then connected to the sea by a narrow channel.


3. Hellshire Beach

best beaches in Jamaica
Flickr Credit: Aaron James Wolfries-Miller

Hellshire Beach is one of the best beaches in Jamaica that is also located close to the capital city of Kingston. It is also very near Portmore, which is an old fishing village where you can see much of the native culture and sample some of the best food the island has to offer.

With the Blue Mountains in the background, fascinating black and white sands and the clear, warm blue water of the Caribbean Sea, this is one of the favorite Jamaica beaches for honeymooners, families and anyone looking for that perfect island paradise.

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4. Seven Mile Beach

best beaches in Jamaica
Flickr Credit: Peter

Seven Mile Beach, also known as Negril Beach, boasts having the longest stretch of shoreline of any of the Jamaica beaches. This magnificent beach, with it’s powdery white sand and swaying palm trees, offers something for everyone. Located in the resort town of Negril, you will find places to stay, eat, shop and enjoy the nightlife without ever having to go anywhere else.

There are many places that will rent equipment for any water sport you want take part in, from parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, jet skis to paddle boards, just to name a few.Other companies can rent you boats or take you out to sea to watch the marine life, fish or scuba dive.


5. Bloody Bay Beach

best beaches in Jamaica
Flickr Credit: iBackpacker

Bloody Bay Beach is another one of the great Jamaican beaches that is close to Negril. The name comes from the fact that it was once a major whaling port. It is also said that Calico Jack Rackham, a despicable pirate, and his rowdy crew were finally captured here after they had drunk too much rum to be able to fight back.

The beach has a much more laid back atmosphere than the other beaches in the area, so is perfect for those wanting a quieter day. Not to be outdone though, and you can still rent all of the equipment and gear you need or take advantage of any of the many excursions that are available.


6. Runaway Bay

best beaches in Jamaica
Flickr Credit: Jen Dallas

Runaway Bay is one of the beaches in Jamaica that is famous for several things. Probably at the top of that list is the scuba diving.  People from all over the world come here just for the diving.  Many of the dive sites are protected, and you will find sunken boats, a large underwater canyon, and an extensive coral reef that will keep you diving and exploring for hours, or days.

The whole area is full of amazing, colorful tropical fish that will fascinate and amaze you, whether you are diving, snorkeling or out on a watercraft of any sort. Another thing the area is famous for is the fact that this was the first Jamaica beach that Christopher Columbus laid eyes on.

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7. Doctor’s Cave Beach

best beaches in Jamaica
Flickr Credit: Pablo

Doctor’s Cave Beach along Montego Bay is one of the best beaches in Jamaica. It is also perhaps one of the most beautiful ones as well. With the pristine white sand with many bright flowering trees and the rolling meadows in the backdrop with it’s hills that are magically lined with palm trees, you would be hard presses to find a more idyllic location.

This is one of the most popular beaches in Jamaica for both tourists and locals for year-round fun.This gives it a continual party atmosphere where you can enjoy lively music, beach volleyball games, barbecues and so much more.  It is also part of a large nature preserve, the Montego Bay Marine Park.


8. James Bond Beach

best beaches in Jamaica
Flickr Credit: rustb01

James Bond Beach in Oracabessa is perhaps the most recognizable beach in Jamaica. Anyone that watched the James Bond film “Dr. No” will no doubt recognize that it was filmed here. The author, Ian Fleming, lived on an estate in Oracabessa and loved the area, and with good reason.

Not only does it have the typical beauty of all of the Jamaica beaches with the warm soft sand and crystal-clear water, it is nestled right in the spectacular mountains of Saint Mary.The beach is less crowded than many of the other beaches in Jamaica, so you are able to have the room and tranquility to spend your days how you want.

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9. Reggae Beach

best beaches in Jamaica
Flickr Credit: hokie92_2000

Reggae Beach is located between Oracabessa and Ocho Rios and is also tucked away between some dramatic cliffs. It is one of the favorite beaches in Jamaica for the locals, and is considered one of the most “authentic Jamaican” because it is less touched by the tourism industry.

It is a more secluded beach, and less crowded than most so is a real paradise for anyone wanting a quiet get-away.  There are beach bars and a restaurant right on the beach as well that serves great seafood.