The 13 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

For anyone wanting to get away from it all, and have the most unforgettable vacation of a lifetime, you will most certainly want to head to any one of the almost 300 officially recognized beaches in Puerto Rico. And the best beaches in Puerto Rico will certainly blow your hair back!

There are many other small towns and attractions that you will also want to visit to get a real taste of the local culture and pick up some souvenirs to remember your trip by.  Below we have a sampling of a few of the Puerto Rico beaches that we know you will enjoy, and have tried to add a wide variety.  There are so many amazing beaches in the country that it is hard to pick from, but these you will want to be sure to see.


1. Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach
Flickr Credit: Darko Ciric

Flamenco Beach is located on the northern shore of the country’s small island of Culebra. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico according to many travel writers, and the Discovery Channel named it the second- most beautiful beach in the entire world!

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2. Luquillo Beach

Luquillo Beach
Flickr Credit: brucecarlson66

Luquillo Beach is another amazing beach in PR, according to both locals and tourists from all over the world. The fantastic water of the Atlantic Ocean is very calm here, thanks to some spectacular offshore reefs, making this a perfect place to swim and enjoy many varieties of water sports.


3. La Selva

La Selva in Puerto Rico
Flickr Credit: Rafy Baez

La Selva is known as one of the best places in Puerto Rico for surfing. It is a small cove located on the eastern coast of the country, and is one of the more remote and isolated beaches in Puerto Rico. It is in the Northeast Ecological Corridor, which is a protected reserve.

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4. Mosquito Bay

Mosquito Bay
Flickr Credit: vanessa ruiz

Mosquito Bay, also known as the Bioluminescent Bay, is perhaps the most fascinating of all of the beaches on the list. The luminescence is caused by the dinoflagellate, a micro-organism found in cool deep waters that have many surrounding mangrove trees as well as other prime factors. These little guys glow whenever the water is disturbed, creating a magnificent trail of neon blue.


5. Los Bohios Beach

Los Bohios Beach
Flickr Credit: Ismael Roberto

Los Bohios Beach is located near Maunabo on the southeastern coast on the island of Vieques, and is one of three beaches known for their warm and wild blue and green waters of the Caribbean. The beach is fantastic for swimming, and surfers from all over love these waters.  There are also ample opportunities for diving and snorkeling and enjoying many other water sports.

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6. Punta Tuna Beach

Punta Tuna Beach
Flickr Credit: Miria Grunick

Punta Tuna Beach is the second of the three beaches you will find on this island. It is also known as Playa Escondida, or “the hidden beach” by the locals. To access it you must take a short walk down a dusty road through some grape vines, which is perfect for keeping it secret. There is an amazing lighthouse that was built by the Spaniards at the end of the 19th century, that is still in operation and is open to the public, so you can explore this quaint Puerto Rico attraction.


7. Los Pinos Beach

Los Pinos Beach
Flickr Credit: Patrolita

Los Pinos Beach is the third of the trio of beaches that are  mostly visited by locals, but are well worth seeing. On one side of the beach there is a hill that is lined with pine trees, which is where the name, which means “the pines”, comes from. The sand at this beach shines from black carbon minerals, making it very beautiful. It is claimed by the locals that this comes from either underwater volcanoes, or fossil fuel deposits in the sea.  Whatever the source, it is another of the interesting places to see in Puerto Rico.  The deposits do tend to stick to anything that is wet however, so it isn’t a popular beach to swim in, but it is still a great place to spend some quiet time while enjoying some more spectacular scenery.

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8. Island of Vieques

best beaches in Puerto Rico
Flickr Credit: Jeff Taylor

Also located on the Island of Vieques are Red Beach, Blue Beach, and Green Beach, all beaches that were named by the navy and have retained those names over the years even though they are no longer controlled by them. All of these have amazing white sand with palm trees surrounding them that make them picture perfect. The coral reefs out in the amazing blue waters add to the beauty and make for some awesome snorkeling and diving.  Lagoons and mangrove swamps are throughout this area that are also amazing to explore and play in.


9. Monserrate Beach

Monserrate Beach
Flickr Credit: tquist24

Monserrate Beach is one of the best beaches around, as far as locals are concerned. There are camping spots in a grassy area that are wonderful, and a favorite for locals.  Also known as  Balneario Monserrate, it is one of the most popular beaches in PR for tourists from all over the world.  It is a “Blue Flag” beach, meaning it is groomed daily and has many other amenities and all of the full facilities that you could possibly need to make a day here the best day ever. There are many vendors all along the shore that offer the best food and drink as well as souvenirs, and anything else you could possibly need to make the day memorable.

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10. La Pared Beach

La Pared Beach
Flickr Credit: Anthony Shane

La Pared Beach is also considered a great spot for surfers. The name La Pared means “the wall”, referring to the wall that separates it from the road. The waves in these waters are perfect for surfing or using boogie boards closer to the shoreline. There are a few surf shops in the area where you can get anything you need for a great day of surfing, and you can even get lessons if you are new to the sport.


11. Puerto Del Rey

Puerto Del Rey
Flickr Credit: lisa7378

Puerto Del Rey is perhaps one of the busiest beaches in Puerto Rico as it houses the largest marina in the Caribbean. Located by the small city of Fajardo, this beautiful bay is naturally protected from large waves and even tropical storms or hurricanes, making it ideal for the many boats that dock here. If you have sailed to Puerto Rico on your own boat, this is the perfect place to make as your home base while visiting.

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12. Crash Boat Beach

Crash Boat beach Puerto Rico
Flickr Credit: Marlene Vera

Crash Boat beach is located near the town of Aguadilla, and was once a military port that was used to rescue crews from downed aircraft from Ramey Air Force Base. There is a pier left over from those operations, and it is the perfect place to fish from or to jump off into the beautiful waters from.  Many palm trees line the shore that provide wonderful shade when you aren’t sunbathing and want to cool down a bit.The water here is crystal clear, and with a wide array of marine life to enjoy, it is a perfect place for scuba diving and snorkeling.


13. Seven Seas Beach

Seven Seas Beach
Flickr Credit: Manuel Montalvo

Seven Seas Beach is one of the more popular of the Puerto Rico beaches, especially for tourists on vacation. Located near the town of Fajardo, it is a wonderful Blue Flag beach, meaning it is well maintained and has all of the facilities and lifeguards available that will make your stay here picture perfect and very safe. The crescent shaped beach of pristine sand is lined with palm trees that offer some welcome shade.

There are some camping spots available for those that have dreamed of camping on one of the beautiful beaches is Puerto Rico.  The crystal clear, warm waters of the ocean offer something for everyone.  There are shallow waters that are relatively calm for anyone wanting to wade, swim or snorkel.

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Puerto Rice is an amazing Caribbean destination, with incredible beaches, diving, jungle treks and much much more. You can visit here to experience a plethora of adventures, or to simply relax in a tropical setting. No matter what you want to do, Puerto Rica wont disappoint.