The 15 Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

| Update Jan 20, 2020 |

The country of Trinidad & Tobago is a beach lover’s dream. There are so many beaches around both islands that it would take a lifetime to visit and fully appreciate them all. The best beaches in Trinidad and Tobago can also be considered some of the best in the Caribbean.

Whether you are passionate about surfing, scuba diving or any other sport you could desire, or simply want to relax and sunbathe in peace and quiet, you can find that perfect beach that will make your holiday the best ever.

With three different bodies of water, including the calm and beautiful Caribbean Sea and the rougher Atlantic Ocean, you will be able to have the ideal conditions for whatever watersport is your favorite. Listed here are some of the favorites that you will want to check out.

15 Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

1. Maracas Bay

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago
Maracas Bay is probably the most popular beach in Trinidad. It is only 30 minutes from the capital city of Port of Spain. It is a 1 ¼ mile long beach of pristine white sand looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean. The waves here are perfect for surfing, kite surfing and so much more.

Surrounding the beach is a scenic mist-covered rainforest and picturesque mountains that make this an amazing place to relax. There are many food and drink vendors, shoppes, and a hotel here to make things very convenient, and with full facilities and lifeguards on duty, this is an ideal place to take the whole family.

2. Las Cuevas Bay

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Las Cuevas Bay is located just a few minutes east of Maracas Bay and is also one of the most popular beaches in Trinidad. The name is Spanish for The Caves, so named for the many small caves that are on the beach. These are wonderful to relax in and escape the heat.

The cliffs and forest that surround the beach are also wonderful to explore. The sea has some great waves for surfing, but areas are also protected enough that the water is much calmer. This makes it wonderful for swimming, paddle boarding and many of the more relaxing water sports. It is a Blue Flag beach, meaning it is well maintained and clean with lifeguards and some facilities.

3. Tyrico Bay

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Tyrico Bayis also next to Maracas, but is a much quieter place to enjoy the sea. It is one of the beaches in Trinidad that has glistening brown sand. It is only about ½ mile long, but it is perfect for a more relaxed get-away. The water is still ideal for surfing and playing, and divers and snorkelers find this an wonderful place to see the colorful creatures that live here.

There are fewer vendors here, but if you need anything not provided here, you are still close enough to Maracas to make it convenient to pick up a few things. The best alternative there is to the crazy hubbub of bigger beaches.

4. Blanchisseuse

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Blanchisseuse is one of the most magnificent beaches in Trinidad because of it’s surroundings. Not only is the beach spectacular, but there is the Marianne River that flows into the bay that is an awesome place to kayak. There are also several trails that will take you into the rainforest and lead you to a beautiful waterfall.

Located along the northern coast, approximately 24 km north of Arima or one hour from Port of Spain, it is one of the more remote beaches of Trinidad, but is well worth the effort to visit. With hotels, restaurants and shoppes here, you could stay for several days and enjoy all it has to offer.

5. Saline Bay

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Saline Bay, often called Sally Bay, is located on the northeast coast of Trinidad near the town of Salybia. It is a small and serene beach that is ideal for swimming and relaxing.

Many locals head here when they want to picnic and play in the sea. Lifeguards are on duty on the weekends, and there are facilities here, but it is not crowded so you can always find a great spot to enjoy the day.

6. Grande Rivière

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Grande Rivière is a magnificent beach in Trinidad that British Airway’s High Life magazine recently listed as one of the 50 most beautiful in the world. It is also the second largest leatherback turtle nesting ground in the world. The town of the same name, located along the northeast coast, has lodging right along the beach where you can sit out on your terrace and watch the turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

The river dumps into the sea here, which makes for some great freshwater swimming and kayaking as well as playing and sunbathing along the sea. Hikes through the rainforest, whether guided or on your own, can be a fantastic adventure as well.

7. Paria Bay

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Paria Bay is one of the most unique and magical beaches in Trinidad. It can only be accessed by hiking a trail from Blanchisseusse or taking a boat from there. Once there, you will find a magical wonderland! There are rocky pools to snorkel in, which at low tide will give up some amazing treasures.

There are waterfalls that are picturesque and so much fun to swim in the pools underneath. You can also see more of the leatherbacks nesting here during season, which generally runs from March to August.

8. Scotland Bay

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Scotland Bay is another Trinidad beach that is very secluded. Located just 30 minutes from Port of Spain in Chaguaramas, this bay is only accessible by boat. It is a wonderful place to take the kayak and spend hours exploring the water.

The bay is sheltered enough that the water is calm, so not only is the kayaking great, but so is paddle boarding, swimming and snorkeling. You will be able to enjoy a very quiet, relaxing day here.

9. Manzanilla

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Manzanilla is another beach in Trinidad that is where a river meets the sea. The Nariva River creates a large estuary where it flows into the sea, and is great for some freshwater swimming and play. The beach is over 2 ½ miles long and made up of gray/brown fine, soft sand.

A boardwalk lines the entire beach for easier walking, but jogging or strolling along in the sand is the way to go! There are facilities and lifeguards here, so swimming and floating in the water is very safe and enjoyable. Located on the east coast of the island you can get to it by Sangre Gande and the Manzanilla-Mayaro Road.

10. Mayaro

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Mayaro is notable for being the longest beach in Trinidad. Located on the east coast of the island, it can be accessed by the Mayaro-Guayaguayare Road. It is a wonderful place to go early enough to watch a magnificent sunrise and take a long morning walk or do some yoga in the cool sand.

In the afternoons you can watch, or even help, the local fishermen as they bring in their huge fishing nets with the catch of the day. “Chip chip”, similar to clams, is one of the local delicacies, and you will certainly want to try a dish of that or some other fresh seafood delight prepared in one of the local restaurants.

11. Quinam Beach

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Quinam Beach is located on the south coast of Trinidad, accessed by the Coora Road and the Penal-Quinam Road. It is perhaps the most popular beach with the locals along this stretch of coastline. With over a mile of soft brown sand, the calm water is perfect for swimming, jet skiing and so much more.

There are several trails that will take you into the woods where you can see beautiful plants, wildlife and birds. A great place for families and anyone wanting a nice relaxing day.

12. Vessigny Beach

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Vessigny Beach, located just west of Vessigny Village about 2 miles south of La Brea and the Pitch Lake, is where the locals go for great beach parties on the weekends.

They are all friendly and love to include tourists in their beach volleyball games or other fun activities. With a snack bar and picnic tables it is a fantastic way to see how the locals spend their time on the Trinidad beaches.

13. La Fillette

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

La Fillette is one of the more unique beaches in Trinidad. There are around 100 steps that wind their way down to the beach, which is a rocky and mysterious place. It is great for snorkelers to investigate around the rocks looking for all the the strange and exciting sea creatures that live here.

The water is usually calm, which makes it ideal not only for snorkelers and divers but swimmers as well.

14. Paria Beach and Waterfall

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Paria Beach and Waterfall involves a hike that can take 2-3 hours to get there, but is well worth the effort. Once you take the North Coast road to the end, you will find a suspension bridge that crosses the Marianne River.

The trail takes off from here and will lead you to the most beautiful waterfall and deserted beach in Trinidad. The refreshing water is just the ticket to cool you off from the long hike. Pack a lunch and beach towel and you are set for a wonderful day!

15. Salybia Bay

Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago

Salybia Bay is one of the more popular beaches in Trinidad for surfers. From November to April the ocean swells create some great surging breakers that are any surfer’s dream.

During the rest of the year the water in this long, scenic bay is much calmer making swimming and other slower paced watersports much more ideal. There is a reef offshore that helps create the breakers, and is also a great place to snorkel and dive.

Trinidad beaches are some of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the world. Whether you are an individual, couple or family looking for a great place to spend your vacation, you need look no further than this amazing country.

If you are planning a wedding or honeymoon and love the beach, this is where you should head.

The country not only has the best beaches in the world, but it has vibrant cities, small villages and friendly people willing to share all their country has to offer. So much to see and do that you will be back for more.

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