The 7 Best Beaches in St Lucia

The beautiful tropical island of St. Lucia is fast becoming a very popular destination for tourists from around the world.

Most of the best beaches in St. Lucia are white sugary sand, while others have gorgeous rich black sand generated, from ancient volcanic activity. Some even have white sand swirled into the black sand which makes it such a unique and magical place.

The eastern side of the island faces the Atlantic and is known for its large turbulent waves. Surfing is among the most popular sports on this side, as well as strolling the beaches and taking in the magnificent landscape and waves crashing into the rocks.


1. Reduit Beach

Best Beaches in St Lucia
Reduit Beach is located on Gros Islet, and more specifically on Rodney Bay off the northern side of the island. It is one of the most popular beaches in St Lucia.

Locals as well as tourists flock to this beach, making it one of the most lively beaches, with a lot of activity going on all the time. With almost 5 miles of magnificent white sand to stroll along, you will find a great spot to set up.

Whether you want to swim, sunbathe or join in on some fantastic water sport like paddle boarding or kayaking, you can do it all right here.

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2. Jalousie Beach

Best Beaches in St Lucia
Because of the volcanic activity of old, the sand was once the acclaimed black sand, but has long since been covered by stunning white sand.

Kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, paddle boards and many other water sports are a few of the fun options you can enjoy here.

If you do not stay at the resort that is right on the beach, you can still access the beach, either through the hotel, or many arrive by boat. This beautiful beach on the Caribbean Sea is one of the most popular for locals and tourists alike, with its relaxing atmosphere in spite of the many people that visit.


3. Anse Chastanet Beach

Best Beaches in St Lucia
Anse Chastanet Beach is one of the fabulous beaches with rich gray-black sand that is so soft and warm and ideal to play and sunbathe on.

Relax with a good book, or play a rousing game of volleyball or stroll along the beach looking for sea shells. Even the ocean floor is smooth and inviting for swimmers or snorkelers.

All along the beach are some huge palm trees that, along with large umbrellas, provide great shade.

The beach is surrounded by some beautiful lush, green hills which add to the relaxing atmosphere. There are terrific sea walls and a steep drop off that make for some wonderful diving, along with a coral reef that is teeming with colorful marine life that divers and snorkelers love to explore.

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4. Pigeon Point Beach

Best Beaches in St Lucia
Pigeon Point Beach is located on Pigeon Island, and is part of the spectacular Pigeon Island National Historic Park. The beach is located just inside the park, so is a beautifully maintained spot.

Covered with pristine and soft white sand the beach is surrounded by many large banyans as well as other trees that provide some refreshing shade. There are also food vendors and a restaurant right on the beach where you can get some great local foods.

There are some great facilities for having your own picnic, and nearby is a marina and boat docks where you can either park your own boat or rent one to take you out for some great diving or sailing.

One of the big draws to this beach is Fort Rodney, the fortress and barracks ruins that date back to the mid-1700’s. Old cannons are still in place where they protected the island so long ago.


5. Grande Anse

Best Beaches in St Lucia
Grande Anse is a very scenic beach on the eastern side of the island, where rugged cliffs and crashing waves bring a real sense of awe to visitors.

Even the drive out to the beach, which is best done in a 4×4, goes through some spectacular scenery. Once there, the surrounding cliffs that fall right into the ocean and the coves and inlets that are along this straight, mile long beach create an amazing ambiance.

The area is far from any tourist destination, so you could easily find a secluded spot for that perfect, romantic stay. Many visitors come just to see the giant leatherback turtles come up out of the ocean and struggle up the beach to lay their eggs.

You may even be there at the right time when the little baby turtles pop up out of the sand and make their dash to the water.

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6. Marigot Bay

Best Beaches in St Lucia
Marigot Bay is a cove that is covered by many small beaches, including the most popular ones like La Choc Beach, Anse Couchon, and Vigie Beach.

It is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, with the amazingly white sand, crystal clear blue water, tropical trees swaying in the breeze, and lush vegetation that surrounds the area.

Then there are the mountains and majestic peaks in the backdrop that complete the picturesque view. Many Hollywood film makers have used aerial shots of it in their movies.


7. Anse Louvet

Best Beaches in St Lucia
Anse Louvet is located on the northeast part of the island, and is the perfect place for the more adventurous travelers. It is only accessible by foot, which makes it one of the St Lucia beaches that have fewer visitors.

The extraordinary beauty of the place makes the trip well worth the effort. Backpackers love the scenic, well-marked trail that takes you down to the most beautiful and secluded piece of beach that will make you feel as though you are the last person on earth.

Surrounded by some amazing rock formations and cliffs of the Sorciere mountains, this rocky beach is one of the rare, hidden gems of the island. The wild waters of the Atlantic crashing into the cliffs and rocks gives it such an amazing, mystical feel.

Although it is situated inside Chaloupe Bay, it is isolated enough that you will very likely have the place all to yourself and some turtles.

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