The Best Dive Masks of 2021

A good dive mask is usually the first piece of gear that divers buy for themselves, and it’s a pretty good idea because using a leaky old rental from your dive shop can ruin your whole dive. 

There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding on what mask is best for you. All of the best scuba gear brands produce their own versions of great masks, but what one is best for you?

We put together this list of great scuba diving masks that we recommend, so that you can choose the perfect one for your situation. Things to consider are comfort, affordability, and fields of view. We made sure to cover all aspects in our list, as well as the tops brands. 

We put this guide together to make it easier for you to find the very best masks on the market, so that you never have a dive ruined by a crappy old rental again!

Dive Mask Reviews

Aqua Lung Mission

Of course we can’t have a complete list of great dive masks, without mentioning Aqua Lung, and in our opinion their Mission model is their best option for every diver. 

Low profile, big windows and wide views, and many color options. What more can you ask for from one of the world’s top companies. 

Check out current prices on: Amazon 

Hollis M1

Check out current prices on: Amazon 

The Hollis M1 is currently my favorite dive mask, and the one I uses now. I love this frameless mask with its huge single window that gives a huge field of view. 

It also folds flat, making it perfect for travel. The low profile silicone skirt is very comfortable and I have no problem with leaking, but if I forget to put fogger on the lens, it can get a little fogged up, since it’s so close to my face. Otherwise it’s perfect. 

Oceanic Cyanea Ultra

The Cyanea is our favorite mask from Oceanic, and it looks awesome as well. Just like the two masks above, it has big windows and low profile side skirts, and different color options. 

The only thing that we are not so sure about, is the nylon/elastic snowboard style strap. This is a first for us, but if you think it would be more comfortable, then you should try it and let us know!

Check out current prices on: Amazon 

ScubaPro Sprectra

Check out current prices on: Amazon 

This low-profile, high comfort mask is available is multiple stylish colors, thanks to an innovative metallic paint method process on the frame that gives the mask a rich look of stylish eye wear.

The Spectra Mask doesn’t just look good. It is a prime mask, in terms of function. The Spectra Mask has a double feathered edge high quality silicone rubber skirt and wide split style silicone rubber mask strap that combine to create a perfect seal on the face. 

Cressi F1

The F1 is probably the cheapest mask on this list, but quite possibly one of the best looking. Regardless of price, we would be happy to be diving with this one. 

This frameless mask with molded silicone, comes in many many different colors, and is the coolest mask from Cressi. 

Check out current prices on: Amazon 

Mares X-Vision Ultra

Check out current prices on: Amazon 

Of course we had to include Mares, one of our favorite brands. Mares X-Vision Liquidskin Two Window Mask is a great choice for vision underwater. With the addition of Mares patented Liquid skin technology, the X-Vision now offers comfort that was formerly impossible.

By co-molding two different types of silicone, there is no longer a need to compromise comfort in order to support the frame structure of a mask.

Atomic Frameless 2

If you are a Atomic fan, then this is the mask for you. Atomic is an awesome brand that makes some high quality gear, this mask included. 

This is one of the most expensive masks on the list, at around $145, but it is worth it for Atomic and frameless mask lovers.

Check out current prices on: Amazon 

Beuchat Maxlux S

Check out current prices on: Amazon 

We definitely had to include the Maxlux on the list. This is one of the best masks in the world, and Beuchat is one of the best brands. 

Besides the ultra wide views of the single window and frameless design, the multiple color options and comfortable design, what you might like the most is the cost. This baby is on Amazon for around $50, half or less of the other top masks. 

So what mask should you choose?

Still not sure what one to go with, with all these great options? There are a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect mask for you, so lets go through those, and then I will just give my recommendations and all time favorites, that you cant go wrong with.

Obviously you should think about your budget, check the prices in the links above, and that will be a big factor. But obviously since there are a lot of options around the same prices, there will be more factors to think about.

There are usually a smaller size option for each of the masks above, so be sure to check that with the links for each, if you have a smaller face. As for comfort, I don’t think you will have a problem with any of the options on the list, as they are all top brands.

So what do I recommend?

I can not say enough good things about Aqua Lung or Hollis masks. I personally use the Hollis M1, but also love the Mission from Aqua Lung. The M1 has never let me down, and looks great as well. I have lost it a few times here and there, but always get another one exactly like it. I love that mask! 

I even carry a spare one sometimes, as it smashes flat, with the buckles folding in flat along the frameless front, and it takes up no room in my BCD pocket. It’s always nice having a spare. 

All that said, after doing reviews for the masks above, I would not mind using the Beuchat mask either, and I can’t believe it is so cheap. The Hollis is over $100, while the Beuchat is around $50! I can’t believe it is so cheap, since Beuchat is such a good company. I would definitely try out this mask. 

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best dive masks
best dive masks