The 10 Best Beaches in Fiji

Fiji has some of the most beautiful beaches is the world. Everyone has seen those postcards with the pristine white sand, swaying palm trees with a hammock stretched between, and the vast expanse of crystal clear blue water.

It is very likely that these pictures were taken on any one of the many beaches in Fiji. Spectacular coral reefs surround most of the beaches with a wide variety of colorful coral and a great host of marine life that live in them.

Below is listed a few of the best beaches, but with so many to choose from you will also want to venture from these and discover a few of your own.


1. Qalito Island

best beaches in fiji
Flickr Credit: Jen

Qalito Island, better known as Castaway Island, lies within the volcanic archipelago of Mamanuca. It is perhaps the most popular place for locals to come and play. With an amazing rainforest surrounding the many white-sand beaches that are on the island, you will not find a more beautiful place on earth.

Fantastically colorful coral gardens also surround the island just offshore. You will love snorkeling around the gardens and discovering all of the different species of marine life that live here. Scuba diving trips can also be arranged through the Castaway Island Resort, which is the only resort on the island and a great place to stay.

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2. Liku Beach

best beaches in fiji
Flickr Credit: JD Lasica

Liku Beach, or Sunset Beach as it is translated to, is also in the Mamanuca archipelago on Tokoriki Island. It is a 3,000 foot stretch of glorious white sand with a lagoon and coral reefs that are amazing places to swim and snorkel.

Right behind the beach is a vertical climb up some stairs to a resort where you get some magnificent views of the entire island.

From here you will feel like you are on the top of the world! You will also find great restaurants and bars here as well as souvenir shops and places to rent equipment to take out in the ocean and play.


3. Natadola Beach

best beaches in fiji
Flickr Credit: LangFam

Natadola Beach is located on the spectacular Coral Coast on the main island of Viti Levu. It is just a short distance from the capital city of Nadi so is very convenient and popular with the locals and tourists alike. It is so popular in fact, that it was recently voted one of the world’s top 10 beaches.

It certainly is the best one on Viti Levu. At this time, it has been relatively untouched by development, so the natural beauty of the area can still be enjoyed.

The snorkeling here is world-class, and the tide does not affect how much you can play in the water like it does at many other beaches.

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4. Yasawa Island Beaches

best beaches in fiji
Flickr Credit: Travelbag

Yasawa Island Beaches are among the absolute best beaches in Fiji. Yasawa means “Heaven” in Fijian, and it certainly lives up to its name.

With the high cliffs that seem to reach to heaven then dive down to the beaches and rich green grasslands surrounding them, there is no other landscape that is more spectacular than this.

The warm powdery white sand is simply magnificent to sunbathe and relax in, as well as stroll along looking for seashells. Some of the beaches are more isolated, so you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty virtually all by yourself.


5. Turtle Island

best beaches in fiji
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Turtle Island is part of the Yasawa Island chain, and has some of the most popular beaches. There are only accommodations for 14 couples on this island, which is how many beaches there are, so you will very likely have it all to yourself.

A cove on this island offers some beautiful, protected beaches.

At one time, this island had a beach in Fiji was ranked as 4th best beach in the world. Honeymoon Beach is one of the beaches here, and probably the most famous of them all.

You can’t beat this island for making it the best holiday spot ever, especially for a wedding or honeymoon place!

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6. Korotogo Beach

best beaches in fiji
Flickr Credit: Eric Fortin

Korotogo Beach is one of the best beaches in Fiji for anyone on a budget. Located on the spectacular Coral Coast, this is perhaps the most popular beach with the local residents.

The pristine white sands are perfect for strolling along barefoot, or playing a rousing game of beach volleyball or building a bonfire and making some s’mores.

The beauty of the surrounding area just adds to the mystique and fun of everything the beach has to offer.


7. Namale Private Beach

best beaches in fiji
Flickr Credit: kiwiexplorer

Namale Private Beach is one of the best beaches in Fiji as well as the world for anyone that is not on a budget, and wants the most luxurious, pampered tropical vacation you could imagine.

There is an average of 3 employees per guest, which means you always have someone at your beck and call. If you need a fresh drink or maybe an extra pillow, they are there to make sure your every need is met while you lounge under the shade of magnificent palm trees.

Located on the south coast of Viti Levu along the Koro Sea, this piece of heaven is the most popular beach in Fiji for celebrities, and you never know just who you might see here.

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8. Monuriki Island

best beaches in fiji
Flickr Credit: snaphappyd

Monuriki Island, also called Mondriki, is a very secluded island, but is perhaps the most famous island in Fiji. That is because it is the actual island where the movie “Castaway”, starring Tom Hanks was filmed.

It is still a deserted island, but you can kayak or jet ski over to it, or have a guide drop you off. You will love exploring the caves and the interior of the island as well as sunbathe on the beach and imagine what it would be like to be stranded in such a beautiful place.

Snorkel around the reef, picnic on the beach and even camp out overnight – whatever you choose to do here it will be a magical adventure.


9. Malolo Island

best beaches in fiji
Flickr Credit: Ebony Lane

Malolo Island is well known as having the softest and deepest sand of all the beaches in Fiji and perhaps the entire world. You will love sinking your toes into this warm rich sand.

Sunbathing on it is as luxurious as anything you can find. The amazing blue water is ideal for swimming and snorkeling in, and you will also want to take advantage of some of the best scuba diving available as well.

There are lagoons here that are simply beautiful, where you can swim and play in the water whether it is low or high tide. There are a couple of resorts here where you can stay, or just take advantage of the amenities they have to offer.

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10. Qamea Island

best beaches in fiji
Flickr Credit: Jenna-herbert

Qamea Island (pronounced Gah-may-uh), has some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. The pristine white sand is so warm and inviting and is the ideal place to sunbathe and read a good book.

If you stay in the resort that is here, your bungalow opens right up to the beach for a breathtaking start and end to your day.

When you are not swimming, snorkeling or sunbathing, you may want to explore the surrounding rainforest and volcanic peaks that make this island so amazing.