Physiological Responses to High Pressure During Immersion

The body’s physiological response to high pressure during immersion. Have you ever been bothered by any of this during your scuba dive? Gettin’ narced, equalization problems, the urge to relieve yourself, or headaches after diving?  Gettin’ narced Some love the feeling but not everybody experiences it – the narcotic effect of nitrogen, famous for depths … Continue reading

DAN’s Oxygen Provider Course, A Cornerstone of Dive Safety

Through its educational outreach in the last years, DAN Training has developed and managed programs critical to dive safety and the management of diving injuries. We have trained over 100,000 people that now are better prepared to manage a dive emergency as DAN Oxygen Provider, On-Site Neurological Assessment, BLS or AED providers. DAN’s mission has … Continue reading

Scuba Diving Tourism is Being Underestimated

Weak links between divers and local communities, governance issues and lack of support from authorities and the scientific community – these emerged during the Green Bubbles project that shed light on problems preventing scuba diving tourism systems from functioning as they should. Scuba diving tourism encourages conservation and supports local communities. It also generates billions … Continue reading

Green Bubbles and the Sustainability of Diving

Since the mid-1980s recreational diving has surged in popularity with up to a million certifications issued each year. An activity where humankind meets nature can have positive as well as negative effects. On the one hand, diving promotes ocean stewardship, contributes to scientific research, and encourages personal development. On the other, conflicts can occur with … Continue reading