Scuba Destination Spotlight #28: Yaeyama Islands, Japan

The southernmost and westernmost populated Japanese islands of Ishigaki, Iriomote, and Taketomi are the Yaeyama Islands, which themselves form the Okinawa prefecture along with Miyaoko and Okinawa Islands. Not yet fully appreciated, and only recently opened up to the rest of the world, the Yaeyama Islands are a fantastic getaway for anyone that both appreciates … Continue reading

Scuba Destination Spotlight #26: Poor Knights Island, New Zealand

A complete marine reserve, the Poor Knights Islands are rated in the world’s top 10 dive sites by Jacques Cousteau. Located 24 kilometers off the coast of Tutukaka, the Poor Knights Islands have significant meaning for the local community, and are considered a natural spots that’s worthy of protection. The locals are proud of the … Continue reading

Scuba Destination Spotlight #24: Dauin, Philippines

An excellent exotic diving location, Dauin’s coastline holds many dive spots that have captivated many-a-diver with its astounding beauty. A warm atmosphere along with pleasant waters make Dauin a prime location for any type of scuba diver, whether it’s freshly faced beginner or a hardened veteran. This place hold many spots filled with natural wonders … Continue reading