Cenote Angelita

Cenote Angelita is one of the most beautiful gems that the Mexican state of Quintana Roo attempts to hide from the rest of the world. This cenote is hidden in the middle of a thick jungle and in an underground river system. It sounds like the elements to a dark, mystical world but this cenote is as real as you could imagine it to be – and equally beautiful!

Cenote Angelita

Cenote Angelita boasts of a stark yet strange beauty that is beyond compare. Anyone who has come to see it attest to its beauty that has blown them away.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Known as a world-class diving spot, its true beauty lies underneath the water surface. There is a whole new world waiting to be discovered.

The term Angelita literally translates to “little angel”. It is special when compared to other cenotes in Mexico because freshwater comes from the ground and into the sinkhole.

This layer of freshwater sits atop the salt water that comes from underground. When these two different layers met, it creates a layer of sulphate that appears like clouds swirling around from the surface of the water.

Above this cloudy layer of water, the water on the surface is crystal clear. This ensures awesome visibility for diving enthusiasts and for swimmers.

Once you get pass that cloudy layer, the visibility continues to plummet up to 100 feet. You will need underwater lights to navigate your way in this dive. The maximum depth of Cenote Angelita is at 200 feet.

Cenote Angelita is one of the most coveted cavern dives for diving enthusiasts. Aside from the mystical cloud layer of the melding of fresh and salt water, there are also massive stalactite formations in this cenote.

The depth and the challenges of diving deep with limited visibility make Cenote Angelita quite a challenge to dive. In fact, you must have Advanced Diver Certification before you are allowed to dive here. Great buoyancy control and advanced experience are both helpful in navigating the unique diving situations in this cenote.


  • Opening hours: 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Entrance fee: 250 pesos
  • Good for Scuba diving: Yes
  • Good for swimming: Yes
  • Facilities: Yes but very limited (no restaurants or snack bars)
  • Car parking: Yes

Cenote Angelita is located in the middle of a thick, dense forest in the Yucatan Peninsula. This peculiar underwater river and sinkhole is flocked by tourists who are curious to uncover this marvelous formation. The cavern on this cenote was formed by a rock collapse. This has resulted in both fresh and salt water being trapped deep within the fissures of this cave.

At nearly 200 feet deep, this is one of the deepest cenotes in Mexico. For this reason, it is a suitable destination for diving, although one that is best suited for advanced divers. Those who are brave enough to go deep diving in Cenote Angelita are rewarded with a surreal underwater experience.

On the surface, Cenote Angelita’s sinkhole looks like any ordinary body of water. But as you dive deeper, you are greeted by a mystical view, particularly the hazy layer of hydrogen sulphate. The halocline and the salt water beneath it (although dark with limited visibility) create breathtaking underwater photos.

If you come here for the underwater marine life, there won’t be a lot to find. What you will find, however, is an extraordinary landscape unlike anything you have seen from an underwater world. The rock and stalactite formations satisfy even the most experienced divers.


Cenote Angelita is located 16 kilometers to the south of Tulum. To get here, you must travel via the Chetumal-Cancun road. Look for the signs that tell you where to find Cenote Angelita. Follow that road until you reach the entrance. This cenote is popular so it should not be hard to locate.


Tulum is the closest major city in Quintana Roo from Cenote Angelita. If you want to visit or dive this cenote, it is recommended that you look for places to stay in Tulum.

You will only be driving for a few short minutes from Tulum to reach the cenote, which makes it an ideal day trip destination. You can also find a variety of accommodation types to suit your budget in Tulum.


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