Cenote Calavera is a highly promising cenote, in terms of beauty and the activities that you can enjoy here. The accessibility of this cenote from the town of Tulum makes it a great destination for a day trip. Despite that, it has remained under the radar, which is great news for those seeking out quieter cenotes so they can indulge in the beauty of this natural formation.


Cenote Calavera was named as such because it looks like a skull (Calavera is a Spanish name for skull). This alone is enough to cite curiosity about this cenote, which remains to be one of the Riviera Maya’s hidden gems. The cenote consists of one large cenote and two smaller ones that look like eyes, thus giving it the look of a skull.

The cenote boasts of crystal clear waters that invite anyone who visits for a swim. It is also a popular destination for diving due to the high visibility in the water. The unique cenote is therefore suitable for tourists who like to swim or dive. It is also pretty accessible from Tulum or Playa del Carmen. In fact, it is located just outside of Tulum.

Many who’ve been to Cenote Calavera refer to it as “Temple of Doom cenote”. This name could be associated to the skull reference. Nonetheless, it is beautiful enough to make it a noteworthy option, if you are looking for an alternative from the busier cenotes.

To this date, not too many people know about this cenote. It could be the fact that this cenote is expensive as compared to other cenotes in the area. But it is worth it given the amazing beauty, clear water, and the opportunity to have the cenote to yourself. But part of the reason why many people miss it is because this cenote is well hidden and unless you are aware that it exists, you might not come here for a stop.


  • Opening hours: Open daily from 9AM to 4PM.
  • Entrance fee: The entrance fee is 100 pesos (per person).
  • Good for Scuba diving: Yes
  • Good for swimming: Yes, and cliff jumping
  • Facilities: Yes, but limited
  • Car parking: Yes

When you come to Cenote Calavera, don’t expect anything fancy. Unlike Dos Ojos or Gran Cenote, it does not have a lot of the modern facilities available to other cenotes in Tulum.

There is a ladder that you can climb down to get to the cenote. There are also restrooms and a few tables to hang out in – but that is all you can find here. If you are looking for other places to eat, you can venture outside of the cenote itself as there are plenty to choose from.

Cenote Calavera is a bit isolated. There are no lockers here that you can store your personal items in while swimming or diving. You can leave any item of personal value in your hotel if you do not want to risk losing it. In terms of size, the cenote is rather small.

If you want to dive in Cenote Calavera, there are no facilities that will enable you to rent some gear. Therefore, you have to bring all of the necessary gear on your own. You can also arrange with a local diving center to assist in this diving experience. The cenote is open 7 days a week.


Cenote Calavera is roughly 3 kilometers from the town center of Tulum. You can get to this cenote by driving along the highway that leads to Coba.

There are many modes of transportation available to get here. You can rent a car and drive yourself to the cenote. Since it is within close proximity to Tulum, it is a great stop if you want an exciting day trip exploring Tulum on your own. You can also take a taxi, which will cost you about 100 Mexican Pesos from the downtown area of Tulum.


If you want to stay close to the cenote, there are many rustic cabins nearby. They are an ideal choice for tourists who like to stay longer and enjoy the cenote. If not, you can find many accommodation options in Tulum.

From Tulum, you can schedule a day trip to explore Cenote Zacil Ha and its nearby areas. The cenote is only about 12 minutes (or 9 kilometers) away.


Tulum, ATV, and Cenote Cave Tour with Transportation

This tour has an estimated duration of 10 to 12 hours. This comprehensive tour comes with a guide that will take you through various attractions in the Tulum area. Part of the tour stop is a visit to many of the cenotes in Tulum area, which includes Cenote Calavera.

You will be treated to a marvelous tour of the beautiful natural scenery in Tulum and within the Riviera Maya.

Snorkeling and Underground Cenotes Half-Day Adventure

If you love snorkeling and diving, this tour is for you. Lasting for 4 hours, this half-day tour is great if you have limited time but want to explore the beauty of the cenotes in Tulum. It could include a stop to Cenote Calavera, which provides you access to snorkeling and diving gears that you can use to explore the crystal clear waters of the cenote.

The tour also comes with an option between English-, Spanish-, French-, and Italian-speaking guides.

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