CENOTE carwash

Cenote Carwash is not the most popular cenote in Tulum. But for those who visit this cenote, they do so for the great swimming and diving conditions in the area. There are also many impressive formations to behold and an underwater cave network for those experienced divers.

CENOTE carwash

Cenote Aktun Ha is the official name of this cenote. However, it is more popularly referred to as Cenote Carwash because there is a carwash along the side of the road to Coba where taxis used to stop by. Along with this interesting reference, there are more that this cenote has to offer that would incite the curiosity of those who would like to marvel at its beauty.

The cenote is located along the side of the road, which makes it easily accessible for those who would like to visit. The cenote consists of varying layers of algae, depending on the time of year you visit. For most part of the year, the algae would sit at the bottom creating this wonderful reflection from above the crystal clear water surface.

Beneath the surface of the water, there is a whole new world waiting to be discovered. Cenote Carwash is filled with submerged trees, variety of plant species, fresh water turtles, and many types of fishes. The cenote features a peaceful park and natural rock sitting area. Some notable areas to visit are the Adriana’s Room and Room of Tears.

On the west side, the upstream cave would drop down to a depth of 15 meters. This is why the area is coveted by divers because there are plenty of stalactite and stalagmite formations to see. Even when snorkeling with a mask, you can see them. The maximum depth of the cenote is 185 meters.

Cenote Aktun Ha (or Cenote Carwash) is derived from the Mayan language, which literally translates to cave filled with water. This is literally describes what this cenote is about, which is a formation consisting of various sinkholes. There are plenty of these in the Tulum and Quintana Roo area.


  • Opening hours: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Entrance fee: 50 pesos (or 120 pesos for divers)
  • Good for Scuba diving: Yes
  • Good for swimming: Yes
  • Facilities: Yes, but basic
  • Car parking: Yes

cenote carwash

Cenote Carwash or Aktun Ha is basically a large pool. This is what visitors will first encounter about this cenote upon arrival at the site. But it is more than just a pool – beautiful rock formations, various species of plants and fish thrive deep in this body of water.

Aside from the fishes and rock formations, other must-see attractions in Cenote Carwash are the lily pads, bones and artifacts, and underwater cave network. The cenote is frequented by those who love to cool off from the Mexican heat. But the water temperature stays relatively warm throughout the year.

The cenote comes with an average depth of 3 meters. It is also an exciting place to swim for those who would like to experience some adventure. There is a wooden path and deck line provided that you can use to get close to the water. Or, you can use the 2-meter platform to jump into the water. The platform is safe to use for adults and kids alike.

There are enough facilities available at the cenote to make it easy for divers to get suited and ready to explore the waters of the cenote. But if you want to maximize enjoyment and security during your dive, a professional guide is recommended.

You can enlist the help of many dive centers in Tulum. There is a main line provided in this cenote but it goes deep so finding it can be hard, too.


Cenote Carwash is located along the road that leads to Coba. It is approximately 8 kilometers from Tulum. You can rent a car to drive yourself to the cenote, or you can hire a taxi to get you there. Either way, it should be easy to find as there are plenty of sign posts available to show you where it is.


Cenote Carwash is easily accessible as it is located along the road. If you are looking to add this cenote to your itinerary, it is best to find accommodation in Tulum. There are plenty of hotels, hostels, and backpacker’s lodging within the 3.5 kilometer range (or less) from Tulum. You can therefore travel from Tulum to Cenote Carwash within a few minutes.


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