Cenote Casa might not instantly ring a bell. Although not the most popular cenote, those who have come to experience the unique beauty of this cenote are sure to fall in love. If you are also looking for a cenote that is easily accessible, make sure to add this to your list.


Cenote Casa has plenty to offer those who are looking for the best cenotes in Mexico. It might not be one of the first cenotes you will hear about but once you get to see it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. First things first, this is not a cenote that is for those looking for a cavern dive. But if you want some swimming and snorkeling, you will love it.

The cenote is one large open swimming area that is so big everyone can fit in here – snorkelers, swimmers, divers, and kayakers. One of the things that visitors love about this cenote is the crystal clear water. It is complemented beautifully by the rich vegetation that surrounds it. There are also plenty of trees and mangroves all around.

Due to the easy swim and the open-type cenote, this is the perfect spot to practice for beginning snorkelers and divers. The cenote has an underground connection to the ocean. This means that you can easily get to the ocean by diving it rather than walking the 500-meter distance between them.

There is a beach about 500 meters from the cenote. If you want to switch up from swimming in the fresh water, you can go to the ocean afterwards. This is yet another feature that makes Cenote Casa unique from other cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The water temperature in Cenote Casa is relatively warm. It is one of the warmest cenotes in Tulum. It is also home to an abundance of marine life. The water has a depth of no more than 6 meters.

The cenote has facilities that enable you to rent diving or snorkeling gear. For those who come in with their own gears, you can use those without a fee but an entrance fee is still required.


  • Opening Hours: 9AM to 5PM
  • Entrance Fee: 150 pesos
  • Good for Scuba Diving: Yes, and snorkeling
  • Good for Swimming: Yes
  • Facilities: Yes
  • Car Parking: Yes
Cenote Casa
Flickr Credit: Dean Trezise

Cenote Casa is one of the lesser known cenotes in Mexico. It is located in Tulum and is a great stop if you are exploring the area. This is an open-type cenote that allows swimming, snorkeling, and diving. It is referred to as a great spot for beginning divers as it can help you practice with buoyancy.

Cenote Casa boasts of turquoise, crystal clear waters. It is part of a massive underground river system in the Yucatan Peninsula, which is highly sought after by divers and snorkelers. In fact, it can get a bit crowded by tourists, depending on what time of year you visit and time of day.

Cenote Casa is located in Tulum and is a family-friendly destination. Even if you are not into diving or snorkeling, there are plenty of reasons to come here. The cenote is also not expensive and is one of the more accessible cenotes in Tulum area.

The proximity of the cenote is what makes it unique – it is within short distance from the main road. The clarity of the water allows you to see the bottom of the cenote – along with the plants and fishes. It is a large cenote so even when people flock here, it never feels crowded. There are also plenty of facilities to rent diving, snorkeling, and kayaking gears here for those interested.

Speaking of facilities, Cenote Casa is tourist-friendly. There are plenty of practical facilities that you can use during your time such as toilets and changing rooms. As mentioned above, there are rentals provided for different types of gears. You can also find a restaurant with good food at great prices.

Indeed, Cenote Casa is among the more affordable cenotes in Tulum. The 150 peso-rate on the entrance fee also includes the use of a life jacket. Bringing your own snacks and drinks is acceptable. However, there is a restaurant and some snack bars available for those who forgot to pack them.


If you are traveling from Playa del Carmen, you must drive south via 307 Highway. The cenote is located 60 kilometers to the south of Playa del Carmen, which is about a 50-minute drive.

If you are traveling from Tulum, you must head north via 307 Highway. The cenote is roughly 8 kilometers from the center of Tulum and it will take about 14 minutes to get there.


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