Cenote Chikin Ha

Cenote Chikin Ha is a cenote known for its extraordinary beauty. It is a very large cenote with half-moon in size. Whether you want to go swimming or diving, this cenote is a must when you are looking for the best cenotes in Playa del Carmen.

Cenote Chikin Ha

Cenote Chikin Ha is one of the most spectacular cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, particularly in Playa del Carmen. This cenote is part of a massive underground river system that is considered sacred by the ancient Mayans. For tourists who come to this cenote, they marvel at the natural beauty in the form of the rocks that are carved out beautifully and the crystal clear water.

Cenote Chikin Ha is located roughly 23 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen. The cenote is located right next to the Kantun-Chi ecological park. Thus, you have plenty of things to see or do when you visit the cenote – no matter what your age may be. The entrance fee to the cenote will already include access to three cenotes within the park.

The three cenotes mentioned above are Chikin Ha, Xtabay, and Taak-Bil-Ha. Each of these cenotes has something unique to offer so it is a must to visit all three. Of all three cenotes, though, Chikin Ha is the major attraction. The cenote is where the whole site is named after, which consists of a massive cavern system that is connected to a much larger underground river system.

When you enter Cenote Chikin Ha, it is like walking into a fold on earth. But once you are inside, the space opens up into a large horizontal crevice. It boasts of a rugged and spectacular landscape. The water in the cenote can be as deep as 9 meters and the water temperature drops as you go deeper into the water.

The area of the water that is close to the wall has a distinctive feature about it, too. The crystal clear water transforms into a black abyss. This area can only be accessed by diving. There are also plenty of fishes that swim around the cenote.


    • Opening hours: 8 AM to 5 PM
    • Entrance fee: 232 pesos 
    • Good for Scuba diving: Yes
    • Good for swimming: Yes
    • Facilities: Yes 
    • Car parking: Yes

Cenote Chikin Ha is an exciting destination for those looking for a cenote that has plenty to offer. First and foremost, this cenote offers breathtaking views of a cavern system with crystal clear waters and rock formations. Many of those who visit the cenote swim, snorkel, and dive, among other things to do here.

Scuba diving is one of the main activities to enjoy at Chikin Ha. The average depth of the water is at 10 meters but the maximum depth is at 14 meters. Great visibility is expected at around 10 meters. There is also a halocline in this cenote, which is a layer of cloud in the water resulting from the meeting of freshwater from the river and saltwater from the ocean.

Diving Cenote Chikin Ha is possible all year round due to ideal diving conditions in the water. There is also no current here, which makes it ideal diving spot. But the average water temperature can vary significantly. The water temperature is at an average of 20 degrees Celsius for majority of the year, but it can go up to 25-30 degrees Celsius.

You will find a number of facilities that offer snorkel and life jacket rentals. There is also a small souvenir shop in the area if you want to bring some mementos with you on your return home.

The three cenotes in the park are individually named and are approximately 300 meters away from each other. Thus, it is easy to move from one cenote to another once you are done with one.


Cenote Chikin Ha is located 23 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen. To get here, you must drive through Highway 307. Look for the sign that leads you to the ecological park of Kantun-Chi. Once you are at the park, you need to find the sign that shows you where to access the cenote.


Want to visit Cenote Chikin Ha during your trip to Mexico? Make sure to book for hotels and other types of accommodation in Playa del Carmen. With the cenote being approximately 20 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, it is easily accessible. You can also find a variety of accommodation types to suit your idea of a perfect stay and to fit your budget.


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