Cenote Escondido is a popular cenote in Tulum, Mexico. It is located deep into the jungle – seemingly a hidden gem amidst lush vegetation. It is a great cenote to go to for families with kids or those who are beginning divers.


Cenote Escondido is best known for its fantastic location. The cenote was first discovered in the late 1960s by Hilario Hitler. He was an American explorer who immersed himself into the ways of the Mayan culture.

Soon after, Cenote Escondido has been visited by many locals and tourists from all over the world. They are curious to learn more about the caves that are part of a massive underground river system. This river and cave system is connected by multiple sinkholes that deliver water to the ocean and vice versa.

The cenote is frequented by swimmers, snorkelers, and divers. But many of those who visit this cenote also do so to relax. It is also a good idea to enjoy a siesta in one of the picnic areas on the site, which feels like paradise as you get shelter from the trees that surround it.

If you simply want to cool off, make sure to take a dip into the 15 by 130 feet natural pool fringed by palm trees that grow on a rocky bluff. The crystal clear water of the cenote enables you to marvel at the school of fishes that swim here. If you dive up to 20 feet in depth, you can also marvel at stunning rock formations.


  • Opening hours: 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Entrance fee: 120 pesos for Cenote Escondido (inclusive of Cenote Cristal – 200 pesos for divers)
  • Good for Scuba diving: Yes
  • Good for swimming: Yes
  • Facilities: Yes 
  • Car parking: Yes

Cenote Escondido is located in the midst of a jungle. To some degree, there is a hidden gem feel to this cenote because it is flanked by trees, palms, and a variety of fauna species like spider monkeys. There is a variety of life to bear witness to at every corner of this cenote.

This cenote can be accessed via the same entryway that leads to Cenote Crystal. These are two cenotes that are located so close to each other that you only have to pay a single entrance fee to access them both. The cenote is suitable for a wide range of activities but swimming, diving, and snorkeling are the top choices for tourists.

Since this is a large, open cenote, it never feels crowded. The best time to visit is during mid-day because that is when the crowd is at its lowest. If you have paid for the entrance to the Cenote Cristal or this one, it pays to visit both as the fee provides access to these two cenotes.


If you are traveling to Cenote Escondido from downtown Tulum, it is about 6 minutes-drive to get to the cenote. The distance from Tulum to the Cenote is roughly 4.2 kilometers.

You can choose to hire a taxi or private car rental. But there are many tourists who rent a bike to get to the cenote. If you bring your own car, there are car parking facilities available near the cenote.


Cenote Escondido is located a little over 4 kilometers from Tulum, Mexico. Therefore, Tulum is the best place to stay in if you are planning a trip to the cenotes Cristal and Escondido.

You can hire a taxi to get there or rent a car so you can also explore the area on your own. Either way, choosing a place of accommodation in Tulum is your best bet as you can easily access the cenotes on a day trip.


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The fun part comes in your visit to the cenotes in Tulum. From the Grand Cenote to Cenote Escondido, you can cool off, go swimming, or diving to make the most of this adventure.

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