Cenote Suytun is one of the most breathtaking cenotes in Valladolid, Mexico. It is an underground cavern that is filled with awe-inspiring stalactite formations and gristalinas shallow waters. You can even spot freshwater fish that are swimming around. If you are looking for the best cenotes to visit in Mexico, make sure to add Suytun to your destinations list. You won’t be disappointed.


Cenote Suytun is fast becoming one of the most photographed cenotes in Mexico. It is more than just a beautiful cenote – it is an impressive underground cavern. There is a walkway that you can cross to reach the center of the cavern, where you will see a shaft of light come through a hole from atop the cave.

The term Suytun literally translates to “center stone”, which is a fitting choice of name for this cenote. The cenote is located near the center of Valladolid, which is part of the Yucatan region in Mexico. As the popularity of this cenote grows, you can find more and more tours that include a stop here.

Cenote Suytun actually consists of two types of cenotes. The first is located along a gravel path in the entrance. The second cenote is at the end of that walkway wherein you will come out to find a marvelous cave. Coming down the stairs, you will get your first glimpse of the larger of the two cenotes that will surely take your breath away with its awe-inspiring beauty.

On the ceiling of this cenote, you will find many stalactites hovering over you. There is a center in the hole that lets the light in, creating a picturesque scene. The water in this cenote is not deep. Hence, it is great for swimming. All guests are required to wear the orange life vest when swimming at the cenote. During your swim, you will have the chance to encounter a variety of freshwater fish species including the little black catfish.


Cenote Suytun

  • Opening hours: Open daily from 9AM to 5PM.
  • Entrance fee: The entrance fee is 70 pesos (per person).
  • Good for Scuba diving: No
  • Good for swimming: Yes, and cliff jumping
  • Facilities: Yes (Cabins, gift shops, and restaurants)
  • Car parking: Yes

Since Cenote Suytun has become popular, it is now a common tourist stop. There are also facilities available within and near the cenote to facilitate the needs of the tourists who come here. There is a large gift shop, craft stores, cleansing rituals, photo ops, and even demonstrations for making tortillas. You will also find a snack bar by the entrance.

For those who fancy a swim at the cenote, there are bathrooms and changing rooms available on-site. This makes it convenient (and a must!) to go swimming and take full advantage of the clear waters of the cenote.

For those visiting the Cenote Suytun, it is recommended that you avoid visiting during the morning hours (as this is when most of the tourist bus stops bring in a huge crowd). This cenote is a great day trip destination for those who are staying in Valladolid or Tulum as it is only a short drive away. The recommended duration for each visit to this cenote is 2 to 3 hours.

With the increasing popularity of the nearby Chichen Itza tourist site, it has helped to boost the popularity of the cenote as well. If you want to avoid the crowd, go in early (right when it opens at 9AM) or during late afternoon.


Cenote Suytun is situated about 8 kilometers outside the colonial town of Valladolid in Yucatan, Mexico. If you travel via the old 180, you must head east to reach the cenote.

Turn on the south side of the road and follow the signs on the road. There is a dirt road that will lead you to the parking lot. From there, you will find the entrance to the cenote.

If you are not traveling to Cenote Suytun on your own, there are many tour buses that you can book a trip to get here. Or, if you have booked any tours in the area, most of these tours include a stop to this popular cenote.


Chichen Itza Guided Tour with Transfer Options

The highlight of this tour is a visit to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza. This is your opportunity to journey back in time and explore the ruins of the Mayan civilization. You can also find many other ruins that are linked to the Mayan civilization as part of your tour.

This 12-hour tour will also include a visit to Cenote Suytun, which is considered as a sacred sinkhole. It is your opportunity to freshen up with a purifying bath in the blue-green, clear waters. This guided tour provides an option between English-, French-, and Spanish-speaking guides. The final part of this tour is the colonial center in the town of Valladolid.

Chichen Itza Tour With Hotel Transfers

This is another tour option available for those who wish to experience Cenote Suytun and explore other attractions nearby. The 12-hour tour comes with an option between Spanish or English guide. You will be picked up from your hotel before heading to Chichen Itza – the most important archaeological site in the Yucatan region.

You will get to visit Cenote Suytun as part of this tour’s itinerary. You will also have the chance to swim in the pristine blue waters of the cenote. This purifying bath is followed by a buffet lunch at a restaurant in Suytun.


There are several hotels and hostels to choose from when you want to visit Cenote Suytun. Since this cenote is located near Valladolid, that is good starting point for you to search for places to stay.

Valladolid is the perfect base for those who want to explore the cenote and other popular tourist attractions like the Chichen Itza. You may also consider staying in the nearby cities of Izamal or Merida.

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