When it comes to natural beauty, the cenotes of Mexico are abundant in them. Cenote Xoch is an awe-inspiring natural swimming hole that is connected to the Yucatan’s massive underground river and cave system. This guide will provide you a glimpse of what to expect and why you must visit Cenote Xoch.


Cenote Xoch is a massive and fully open cenote that is coveted for its crystal clear, blue waters. Its most notable feature is the astoundingly deep and clear water, which is recommended for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

This massive sinkhole has a depth that reaches up to 67 meters (on the western side of the cenote). On the surface, the water looks spectacular as it is as clear as can be – you can even see the bottom of the cave floor from the surface.

Getting into the cenote is already an adventure in itself. You can be lowered into the cenote via a metal fire escape rope. You can also jump into the water as there is a platform that enables you to do that, if you want to get into the water.

Cenote Xoch is popular among divers, especially those who are looking to embark on an exploration dive. When you go deep into the cave, there is a short horizontal cave that comes with a depth of 18 meters. You can explore several passages and that will lead back into the main sinkhole.

While Cenote Xoch does not have any long penetration into the caves during your dive, there are plenty of things to see or do beneath the water. Before you can dive this cenote, you must possess a certification on cave and cavern diving.

During your dive, you will see the cenote walls that are lined with stippled rock formations. These rocks are themselves with reddish algae. This creates a beautiful visual contrast from the red and the blue/green color of the water. Some of the species that you will encounter during your dive include isopods, freshwater sponges, and blindfish.


  • Opening Hours: 9AM to 5PM
  • Entrance Fee: 150 pesos
  • Good for Scuba Diving: Yes, and snorkeling
  • Good for Swimming: Yes
  • Facilities: Yes
  • Car Parking: Yes

The town of Cenotillo where Cenote Xoch is located in is home to a variety of cenotes – up to more than 100. This cenote is one of those that are sought after for its impressive cave formations and the pristine blue waters.

This is a massive cenote with plenty of room to swim in, snorkel, or dive. It is an exhilarating adventure that starts with the access to the water. While it might be a challenge to get in, it is worth the effort because this is one of the most beautiful cenotes you will encounter.

As it has a large opening in the middle of the cenote’s main cavern, light is able to enter into the cenote. Watching the streaks of light penetrate into the crystal clear water is impressive. But it is not just the stream of light that can see, you can also find people free dive to the bottom of the cenote – that’s how clear it is!

The image of the tree branches and roots hanging from the opening of the cenote and into the water is quite enigmatic, but beautiful nonetheless. For those who do not want the daring entrance to the cenote, there is a set of stairs that you can take to descend into the cenote.

The water in the cenote is not just clear but warm too. It is teeming in wildlife that includes little fishes and iguanas. Of all the cenotes in Santa Barbara, it has the deepest water – so most divers in the area choose this cenote for their exploration dives.


Cenote Xoch is located in Cuzama, Yucatan, Mexico. To get to Cuzama from Tulum, you must travel via the Mexico 180D Highway. The total travel time is a little over 3 hours. If you are from Cancun, you must also travel via Mexico 180D Highway and will take more than 3 hours of travel time.

If you want to visit Cenote Xoch, you can stay in Merida as it will require a shorter travel time. For less than an hour of travel via the Mexico 184 Highway, you will be able to reach Cuzama where this cenote is located.


Cuzama Jungle, Cenotes & Izamal Tour

When in Cuzama, this tour is a must so you can see the best that this part of Yucatan has to offer. You will be exploring some of the non-touristic cenotes in the Cuzama, Mexico route. These underground cenotes will provide you the opportunity to swim, dive, or marvel at this incredible natural and historic sites.

Spend at least half an hour to swim in each cenote before moving on to the next cenote. You will also spend time to explore the jungles of Cuzama during the tour.

Full-Day Cuzama Cenote Tour from Mérida

For one full day, your guide will take you through some of the best cenotes in Cuzama, Mexico. Take a swim and admire the natural rock formations on this tour. You will get the chance to immerse in the local Mayan culture as they consider these cenotes sacred.

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