Cenote Yax Ha, also known as Cenote Yaax-Ja, is yet another gem that Yucatan has to offer. If you want to explore the sacred underground world of the Mayans, make sure to book a visit to this cenote so you can experience its beauty up-close.


Cenote Yax Ha is one of many cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. This cenote is located in San Antonio Mulix wherein you can visit many cenotes located close to each other. Many of these cenotes are visited by those who go on tours to explore the beautiful cenotes in Merida, as well as surrounding attractions.

This cenote is a closed type cenote, which means that the swimming hole is not exposed. You have to go down a flight of stairs into a flooded vault that extends to an immense darkness. This eerily beautiful scene will impress you once you get to see the full cenote with its glorious beauty and mysterious charm.

The name Yax Ha literally translates to “Green Water”. This is a misnomer, though, because the water inside the cenote is actually crystal blue in color. Nonetheless, the water is so pristine that you can see to the bottom of the cenote floor, along with the different rock formations on the cenote wall.

Since this is a closed type cenote (cave), you need to access it via an inclined stairs. The visibility inside the cenote is good, even though your only source of light is an upper hole in the vault. This opening provides adequate amount of illumination to the cenote’s deep waters.

Since it is located within close proximity to Cenote Yax Ha, it is recommended that you also visit other cenotes in the area namely Xbatun and Dzonbacal.


  • Opening Hours: 9AM to 5PM
  • Entrance Fee: 190 pesos
  • Good for Scuba Diving: UNKNOWN
  • Good for Swimming: UNKNOWN
  • Facilities: NO
  • Car Parking: NO

Cenote Yax Ha is the epitome of the sacred and mysterious underground world that the Mayan Civilization’s underground river system represents. It is considered a sacred site for the ancient Mayans and is continue to be treated that way.

As you descend the stairs and into the dark cave, you will be met with an awe-inspiring view of the crystal clear, blue water. The surface of the water glistens as the light streams from a small opening on the upper vault of the cave.

The water is impressively clear that you get to see the blind white fish that are swimming along with you on the water. Since it connected to a larger underwater cave and cavern system, there are plenty of other passages to explore (especially for those who choose to go diving or snorkeling).

Cenote Yax Ha also comes with deep waters that are suited for expert swimmers and divers. For the not so good at swimming, you may rent life jackets and other snorkeling or diving gears. The water temperature in the cenote ranges from 26 to 28 degrees Celsius. The climate is warm and sub humid with scattered rains in the summer and lower humidity.

There are various tour operators that cater to tourists who want to visit the cenote with a guide. But you can also drive yourself to this cenote. Since it is popular in the area of San Antonio Mulix (and located close to other cenotes), it should be easy to get to the cenote on your own.


To get to Cenote Yax Ha via public transport, you can take the bus from Oriente Terminal to Muna and alight at the edge of the road. From there, you must walk to Yaxcopoil and take a taxi to get to the cenote.

If you are driving your own vehicle from Merida (the closest major city to the cenote), drive south along avenue itzaes while following the signs that lead to Uman. Once you reach the municipality of Muna, you will find a sign that points to the town of Cacao.

Follow that sign until you reach San Antonio Mulix. Navigate your way through 2 kilometers of dirt road.


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The tour also includes a stop at the famous cenotes in Merida, which are also noted for its significance to the ancient Mayans. Considered sacred by the Mayans, these cenotes are a natural wonder unlike anything you have seen before.

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