Cenote Zacil Ha is bringing in tourists from all over the world to the middle of the Yucatecan forest in Mexico. It is because of the sheer beauty and crystal clear waters of the cenote that make it enticing for people, especially during the summer. If you are looking for a family-friendly cenote in Mexico, this makes it a suitable destination for your next summer vacation.


Cenote Zacil Ha attracts millions of visitors annually. Its popularity is therefore not a question. The crystal clear waters of the cenote makes it hard to resist, which is hard to believe that this is a natural formation. Located in the middle of the Yucatecan forest, you are surrounded by natural beauty all around this cenote area. The cool water will definitely lower your body temperature, which is ideal for a summer swim.

The Cenote Zacil Ha has undergone some developments recently to offer more facilities to visitors. Whether you want for an adventurous time at the swimming hole or you want a relaxing time, you can have both. Indeed, the cenote is filled with restaurants, covered areas, snack bars, and many shaded areas that you can spend time in.

Cliff jumping is also a favorite among those who visit and swim at the Cenote Zacil Ha. You can explore different jump-off points in the cenote as each have varying heights for you to jump from. There is also a zip line that you can try for 10 pesos. This zip line goes across the cenote, which enables you to jump from the zip line and into the cenote (for those looking for a thrill). Otherwise, you can just enjoy the ride from the zip line and marvel at the view of the cenote below.

The cenote is only 10 feet deep. The cenote itself is not really as big as other cenotes in Mexico, especially in the Tulum area. One portion of the cenote features deep blue water; however, this area is actually a cave that links this cenote to other nearby cenotes.



  • Opening hours: Open daily from 10AM to 6PM.
  • Entrance fee: The entrance fee is 80 pesos (per person).
  • Good for Scuba diving: Yes
  • Good for swimming: Yes, and cliff jumping
  • Facilities: Yes (restaurants, snack bars, and rustic cabins)
  • Car parking: Yes

Cenote Zacil Ha is a family-friendly cenote. It is not too big (compared to other cenotes in Tulum or Mexico); hence, you can expect it to be a bit crowded, especially during weekends.

But if you are looking for a great cenote for the family, you won’t be disappointed. It is also great for swimming because it is only 10 feet deep. The cenote is easily accessible via stairs – but you can also jump in or do so via zipline. There are also smaller swimming pools outside of the cenote if you want your kids to go swimming.

Cenote Zacil Ha is now part of many tour stops in Tulum area. If you want to visit this cenote, along with a few other cenotes, you can book a tour that will include a stop to this cenote.


If you are headed to Cenote Zacil Ha from Tulum, you can head east via Calle Polar Pte. towards Calle Alfa Nte. When you reach Av. Satellite, turn left and then right to Okot.

Head left onto QROO 109 and make a left turn. You will find the Cenote Zacil Ha to the right. The travel time from Tulum is estimated at around 12 minutes, depending on real-time traffic situations and time of day you are visiting.


Tulum, ATV, and Open Cenote Tour

Explore the beauty of Tulum in Quintana Roo in this 8- to 10-hour tour. This tour comes with an option between Spanish- or English-speaking tour guide. You will be picked up from your accommodation and taken to a variety of destinations in and around Tulum.

A trip to cenote can include the Cenote Zacil Ha. It is a flexible tour that gives you the chance to visit as many cenotes as you want. This tour will also include stops to many swimming holes in the Tulum area.

Cenote Trail: Caves Visit and Bike Tour

If you want to see as many cenotes in Tulum as possible, you need to book this guided tour. It is an inspiring journey that will enable you to experience the outskirts of Tulum and explore the high forest. During the way, you will be able to explore a variety of cenotes, caves, and caverns, which may include Cenote Zacil Ha.

The entire tour will last for approximately 5 hours. You will be able to explore popular cenotes like Cenote Zacil Ha or some secluded cenotes by bike (if you want to get away from the crowds).


f you want to stay close to the cenote, there are many rustic cabins nearby. They are an ideal choice for tourists who like to stay longer and enjoy the cenote. If not, you can find many accommodation options in Tulum.

From Tulum, you can schedule a day trip to explore Cenote Zacil Ha and its nearby areas. The cenote is only about 12 minutes (or 9 kilometers) away.

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