75 Cenotes in Mexico: Ultimate Guide

justin carmack

Justin Carmack
Updated Jan 7, 2020

Cenote SuytunIf you’re in Tulum or any of the other key spots, you’ll probably wondering where are the best cenotes in Mexico? There are so many cenotes to choose from, how do you know what ones are the most interesting, least crowded, and fun to visit?

Well there is only one way to find out: Visit them all! In this article, we’ll give you all the information that we could find, in this ultimate cenote guide!

If you are looking for the short answer, here are the 10 most popular cenotes in Mexico that are sure to impress:

  1. Cenote Ik Kil
  2. Cenote Dos Ojos
  3. Cenote Suytun
  4. Cenote Pit
  5. Cenote Dzitnup
  6. Cenote Dream Gate
  7. Cenote Cristalino
  8. Gran Cenote
  9. Cenote Pet Cemetery
  10. Cenote Azul

You can’t go wrong for any of the above, both for swimming or diving. 

For more options, lesser known cenotes, and maybe fewer crowds, keep reading below!

75 Cenotes in Mexico: The Ultimate Guide

Since there are so many cenotes around the Yukata, let me sort them by location to their nearest town or city.

Cenotes closer to Tulum

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1. Cenote Dos Ojos
2. Cenote Casa
3. Cenote Nicte Ha
4. Cenote Carwash
5. Cenote Jailhouse
6. Cenote Cristal
7. Cenote Caterpillar
8. Cenote Escondido
9. Cenote Mosquito Factory
10. Cenote Yax Muul
11. Cenote Pit
12. Gran Cenote
13. Cenote Zacil Ha
14. Cenote Pet Cemetery
15. Sistema Doggi
16. Sistema Dos Pisos
17. Kantun Chi
18. Cenote Angelita
19. Cenote Calavera
20. Cenote Xulo
21. Cenote Dream Gate
22 .Cenote Tak Bi Ha
23. Cenote Encantado
24. Laguna Kaan Luum

Cenotes near Playa Del Carmen

Xcaret Park & Xplor Adventure Center
Xcaret Park & Xplor Adventure Center

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25. Xcaret Park & Xplor Adventure Center
26. Cenote Akumal
27. Cenote Cha Mool
28. Cenote Cristalino
29. Cenote Tajma Ha
30. Cenote Kukulkan
31. Cenote Jardin Del Eden
32. Chikin Ha Park
33. Cenote Azul
34. Cenote Xunaan Ha
35. Cenote Chak Tun

Cenotes near Cancun

zapote cenote
Zapote Cenote

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36. Cenote Zapote
37. Cenote Verde Lucero
38. Cenote 7 Bocas
39. Cenotes K’aak (Fire), Lu’um (Earth), Lik’ (Wind) and Ha (Water)

Cenotes near Coba 

40. Cenote Tankach Ha
41. Cenote Multum Ha
42. Cenote Choo Ha
43. Cenote Muul Ich

Cenotes near Merida

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44. Cuzama Cenotes
45. Cenote Xoch
46. Cenote Kankirixche
47. Cenote Ucil
48. Grutas de Loltún
49. Homun Cenotes
50. Hacienda Mucuyche Cenotes
51. Cenote Xlacah
52. Cenote X Batun
53. Cenote Dzonbacal
54. Cenote Yax Ha

Cenotes near Valladolid

Cenote Dzitnup
Cenote Dzitnup

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55. Cenote Yax Ha
56. Cenote Xkeken
57. Cenote Agua Dulce
58. Cenote Sagrado
59. Cenote Oxman
60. Cenote Samula
61. Cenote Ixtlan
62. Cenote Fantasma
63. Cenote Zaci
64. Cenote Saamal
65. Xux Ha Cenote
66. Cenote Hubiku
67. Cenote Xcanche
68. Cenote Chihuán
69. Cenote Suytun
70. Cenote Lol Ha
71. Cenote Yokdzonot
72. Cenote Ik Kil
73. Cenote Azul (Bacalar)

Cenotes on Cozumel

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Although Cozumel does have some great dives sites off shore, it is not a great place for cenote exploring. In fact, they are barely worth mentioning.

For such a small island there are actually a lot of  cenotes in Cozumel, but the only accessible ones I could find, were only open to tour companies,  specifically for cruise ship passengers.

74. Cenote Cocodrilo, Cenote Chu-Ha, Cenote Tres Potrillos, Cenote Bambu

Bonus Cenote

Cenote el Zacaton
Cenote el Zacaton

Here is one more, just for kicks. I thought I’d throw in a curve-ball. A cenote completely different than all the rest on this list, and nowhere near the Yukatan.

75. El Zacatón

Cenote tours

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cenotes in mexico
cenotes in mexico