The Cuzama Cenotes are a collection of three cenotes that are located close to each other, in the Riviera Maya of Mexico. These are among the favorite destinations for tourists in the Yucatan Peninsula, especially those who specifically seek out cenotes. Most of the tours that operate to the cenotes of Cuzama have an interesting way to get to all three different cenotes. You will be spoiled with a natural beauty that is impressive even for the standards of Mayan Riviera’s cenotes.


Cenote Cuzama is a popular tourist destination in the Yucatan region. The most interesting feature about visiting each of the three cenotes is the fact that you have to ride a horse cart.

This horse cart runs along up to 7 kilometers of track that will showcase the rich flora and fauna of the wilderness area in the village of Cuzama. It is definitely an interesting adventure to add to your trip to the cenotes!

There are three cenotes in Cuzama that are worthy of your visit: Chelentun, Chak-Zink-Che, and Bolom-Chojol.

The Chelentun Cenote is a breathtaking cenote that is used as training ground for many diving instructors. The cenote consists of a cavern with direct access to the water surface, which can have a depth of up to 18 meters.

The temperature of the water is at an average of 26 degrees Celsius. The water is also crystal clear that the visibility can reach up to 50 meters. The cenote is divided by two caves: the first one is up to 30 meters deep and the second one up to 40 meters.

There is no lifeline at this cenote as of the moment. Hence, it might be recommended only for excellent swimmers or experienced divers.

The second cenote is the Chak-Zink-Che Cenote. This is known as one of the best diving sites in the region. The clear pool boasts of impressive sights of stalactite formation at the ceiling of the cavern. There is also a chimney that goes to a little chamber.

The maximum depth in this cenote is 40 meters with interior caves that are up to 250 feet in depth. Unlike Chelentun Cenote, this one does have a lifeline.

Finally, there is the Bolom-Chojol Cenote. The name of this cenote literally means “nine mouse holes”. You need to go down a flight of stairs to access the water. With a 27-degree water and up to 50 meters in visibility, it is ideal for swimming or diving. A fixed lifeline is available in this cenote.


  • Opening Hours: Open daily from 8AM to 5PM
  • Entrance fee: 300-400 Pesos (for the horse cart and inclusive of entrances to the cenotes)
  • Good for Scuba Diving: Yes
  • Good for Swimming: Yes
  • Facilities: Yes (toilets and snack bars)
  • Car Parking: Yes


The system of trails that connect each cenote to each other is the most unique feature about the Cuzama cenotes. Using a horse and a buggy, you can get from one cenote to another. All of these cenotes are located underground. You can access them via a ladder or set of stairs.

Within the cenote, there are various species of fishes along with bats and birds. The best time to visit the cenotes is anywhere from 10AM to 11AM – this is when the sun is at its highest point and is able to penetrate through the opening in the roof of the cavern. This creates a beautiful scenery inside the cenote, allowing adequate amount of light in.

When visiting the cenotes, life jackets are provided for those who would like to swim. But if you need to use other gears such as mask or snorkeling gear, you need to provide your own. There are facilities within and near the cenotes but they are reduced to the very basics, such as toilet, washrooms, a small snack bar, and free parking.


The cenotes of Cuzama are located at the heart of Yucatan region. It is approximately 48 kilometers from the city of Merida towards the east. You will find the tourist center about 1 kilometer from Cuzama.

You can travel by bus to Cuzama from the Noreste terminal. There are regular bus schedules that will take you to Cuzama. You can also travel by car from downtown Merida.

You must take the 59th street until you reach the outloop of the city until you find the highway that leads to Chichen Itza and Valladolid. Take that highway and detour to Acanceh Village after 5 kilometers. Follow that road until you reach Cuzama.


Exploring the three cenotes in Cuzama is a fun day trip experience for those who are staying in Merida. Since the cenotes are accessible from the town of Merida, it is the perfect place to look for accommodation if you want to see the cenotes. It is only a short drive away and can be a stop to one of many tours that operate in Cuzama.


Full-Day Cuzama Cenote Tour from Mérida

Explore the breathtaking cenotes in Cuzama village in this full day tour. As part of your tour, you will get to visit and swim in the cenotes. You will also have a tasty lunch to go with your tour, along with an English-speaking guide.

Cuzama Jungle, Cenotes & Izamal Tour with Lunch & Transport

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This tour will take you off the beaten path to explore the hidden gems of the Yucatan Peninsula. The highlight of this tour is the opportunity to swim in the crystal waters of the Cuzama cenotes.

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