Into the Abyss – Dos Ojos Cenote Cavern Diving Video

As I posted about last year, when I was on my trip to Cozumel and Playa Del Carmen I had read that there were cenotes (large watery sinkholes) scattered throughout the area.

They are world famous in this part of Mexico for their natural beauty and make a fun trip for exploration and snorkeling. Most of them are filled with amazingly clear freshwater and just the right temperature for cooling down and escaping the Yucatan’s heat.

Many scuba divers have a cenote or cavern dive on their bucket list. Dos Ojos is perfect for a first dive of this type because of it’s size and visibility.

This was my first time ever diving into a cave or cenote and while it was amazingly fun as you watch you’ll know why it also came with anxiety.

This cenote features extremely clear freshwater, a bat cave where you can surface (only accessible to divers), and a halocline (where freshwater and saltwater meet and mix together).

However, cavern diving can be very dangerous, never attempt it alone or without the proper training.

In the video there are three divers including me, I’m holding the camera behind everyone else. The only lights you see are the ones we’re carrying.

After submerging into the cave it’s pitch black except for the tiny flashlights we carried in with us. A small yellow line of rope is our guide through the pathways and helps to keep from getting lost or disoriented, which could result in running out of air and drowning.

About halfway through the video you’ll see us come through the final stretch of cave out into the opening.

A few extra pictures from the dive:

dos ojos cenote

dos ojos cenote

dos ojos cenote

dos ojos cenote

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