Cenote Dream Gate has been referred by many as the “best cavern dive in Tulum”. It is part of the Sac Actun system and is highly coveted by experienced divers, especially those looking for a challenge. Discover what makes this cenote an incredible place for those who are seeking out the best cenotes in Tulum, Mexico.


Cenote Dream Gate has been featured in many documentaries and other special features about Mexican cenotes. It is located close to many cenotes in the area, with some even sharing the same entrances. For those who choose to visit this cenote, you will be rewarded with beautiful underwater scenery and rich marine life.

Cenote Dream Gate features two invariable cave routes – one that can be explored against the stream and the other along the downstream. Depending on the route you choose, there will be a completely different experience for each.

For those who are going to the cenote to swim, you can also choose to swim clock-wise or counter clock-wise. Whichever of these routes you choose, one thing is for sure: you will be able to marvel at one of the best sights in terms of rock formations in Mexico’s cenotes.

If you choose to dive in this cenote, you must possess excellent diving skills. Your fine skill and buoyancy is vital due to the delicacy of the rock formations. The bottom of the cenote floor is also made of dark silt that should remain untouched, if possible.

Aside from the fragile formations inside the caves, Cenote Dream Gate is also noted for its shallowness. The depth range is at 1 to 9 meters. It has great visibility, though, is great for divers as you are able to witness the beautiful formations.

When you dive here, you will find many straw-like formations – this signals the initial stage of the stalactite formation. These formations are so brittle that even air bubbles can destroy them. This explains why only expert and trained divers are permitted access to dive this site, so as not to destroy these natural formations.

With that said, divers must present their certified for cavern and cave diving before you are allowed to dive this cenote. Short but intensive dives are common for those who explore the dive site.


  • Opening Hours: 9AM to 5PM
  • Entrance Fee: 280 pesos
  • Good for Scuba Diving: YesGood for Swimming: Yes
  • Facilities: Yes
  • Car Parking: Yes

Cenote Dream Gate is home to many spectacular formations such as columns, stalagmites, and stalactites. In addition, the cenote also boasts of crystal clear water that maintains an average of 26 degrees Celsius all year round.

For those who like to swim or snorkel, there are no currents in Cenote Dream Gate. This means that you will be able to explore on your own without worries about any current. You can also visit any time of the year as the diving conditions in the cenote are suitable any time of the year.

There are plenty of tables available near the cenote. This makes it possible for tourists to enjoy a picnic on the site. You can bring your own food and set up at one of these tables provided at the cenote. There are also restrooms, changing rooms, and parking facilities available.

The use of sunblock is not allowed when you swim or dive the cenote. This is part of the efforts to preserve the natural resources in the underground cave system. An open water scuba dive certification is also needed for interested divers.


The entrance to Cenote Dream Gate is located 11 kilometers to the north of Tulum. This can be accessed via the Highway 307 in Mexico. The entrance to this cenote is approximately 1 kilometer away from the entrance to Cenote Dos Ojos.

For those traveling from Akumal, you will find Cenote Dream Gate 11 kilometers to the south or 49 kilometers to the south from Playa del Carmen.


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