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Guadalupe is regarded by many as the world’s most impressive diving location. Whether you agree or not, there are several reasons why these claims are made. This volcanic island on the west coast of Mexico might be remote but it continues to draw diving enthusiasts from all over the world.

guadelupe island diving

Majority of the diving trips to Guadalupe are done so because of the great white sharks. It is therefore a destination for the adventure seekers – those who would like to experience a new travel or to try something different from their diving routine.

Since you will have the chance to encounter great white sharks, the dives are done in and around cages. This is to ensure that the divers can swim and get close to the great white sharks safely. The air is also surface supplied so some of these dives won’t even require tanks or BCs.

The diving trips for great white sharks in Guadalupe are also done via liveboard vessels. It can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 25 people, depending on the tour operator you booked for the trip and what vessel they bring.

Diving in Guadalupe, Mexico is available all year round. But if you want to meet with the great white sharks, the ideal season is from July to November. The water visibility is also highly impressive during great white shark season, which can reach up to as deep as 45 meters.

Aside from the great white sharks, you can also occasionally spot some seals in the area. Since the dives are performed within a cage, there is no dive certification required to be able to dive Guadalupe.


Diving Guadalupe Island is very interesting because it is unique from all other diving destinations you will find in the country. Unlike most dive destinations that boast of colorful reefs, abundant marine life, and more, you won’t find any of that in Guadalupe.

Instead, you need to focus more on hiring the right liveboard company to facilitate your diving trip. Diving here is not about choosing a location. You won’t find any dive sites in Guadalupe to speak of. Instead, you must select the tour operator based on the type of cage you would want to dive in, as well as the amenities available.

Aside from the liveboard tour operators determining the type of cage for you to dive in, they can also pick when you can go diving. This is to ensure that they evaluate the patterns of sightings for Great White Sharks and allowing you to maximize each dive. This is how liveboard operators can guarantee that you will have the chance to get face-to-face with great white sharks.

Majority of the dive sites that are selected by liveboard operators are within the 2-mile range from Guadalupe Island. There are also instances wherein you will be diving far offshore such that you won’t be able to see any land from where you are diving from.

The most common types of cage diving experiences range from full-cage diving or open-top cage diving. Not all liveboard operators offer these two types of cage diving in Guadalupe. Make sure you ask about your preference beforehand.


There are liveboard trips that cater to diving enthusiasts to Guadalupe all year round. But for your safety and for the optimum diving conditions, the best time to book a diving trip is from July to November. August and September, in particular, are cited as offering the best dive conditions in this season.

During these months, the temperature range is ideal at 19 to 22 degrees Celsius. This is the ideal temperature for Great White Sharks, further increasing your likelihood of a great white shark encounter.


If diving with great white sharks sound interesting to you, then Guadalupe in Mexico is one diving destination you need to add to your list. This is a diving experience that is not to be missed by those who love encounters with big fishes. But a great white shark is not just any fish – it is the pinnacle of underwater adventure.

If you are in the planning trip stage, you might have several questions in mind. Read up on these common travel questions about Guadalupe so you can prepare for your trip.

What is it like to dive with great white sharks?

When you go on a great white shark diving experience in Guadalupe, you will be submerged in a tank as you descend to 30 feet below the water surface. This is a thrilling experience for scuba diving enthusiasts looking for an adrenaline rush.

In most cases, you will be able to encounter more than one great white shark circling around your cage at any given time. Most of the great white sharks will come closer to the cage, too.

Is it safe?

Cage diving with sharks is definitely safe. The cages are built to be sturdy enough to protect you from the great white sharks. These cages are designed to hold up to 3 people at once.

It is important to choose a certified and reputable liveboard operator to ensure the quality of your equipment. The safety of the divers is given highest priority during each trip. Therefore, you will be briefed about the safety protocols prior to heading for your dive.

How much does it cost to dive with great white sharks?

It depends on which liveboard tour operator you choose. Each operator vary greatly in their pricing because they have different amenities to offer. The number of days for your diving tour will also impact the cost of each tour. Some tours run for a 5-day expedition.

You can expect the prices to range from $375 to $775 per person, though.

How many great white sharks are there?

During your dive, you will be able to see a few swimming around the cage or near your vessel. But experts believe there are up to over 200 great white sharks in the waters of Guadalupe Island in Mexico.


Guadalupe, Mexico is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. It is located roughly 265 kilometers southwest of Mexico’s upper Baja California region. This is a unique diving destination because it is not similar to many other liveboard destinations you will find in Mexico. There are no colorful reefs or schools of fishes.

One of the main draws for diving Guadalupe is the chance to have an encounter with the great white shark. Cage diving to get up-close with the great white shark is the main activity for those who visit this region. This island offers water visibility to as deep as 45 meters from the water surface.

The island of Guadalupe is 35 kilometers long and 9.5 kilometers wide. This island experiences warm and dry climate nearly all year round but the winter months experience mild precipitation, too. The island itself is known for its rough and rugged topography, mainly because it is a volcanic island.

Even though Guadalupe is best known for its diving, the island has much to offer. Here is a list of things to see or do on this island (even if you are not into diving):

  • Hiking – Due to the fact that Guadalupe is a volcanic island, there are plenty of mountain ridges that you can hike when on the island. Some of the major peaks to add to your list are El Picacho and Mount Augusta.

  • Cultural – You can also learn about the life and culture of the inhabitants of this island. The best place to go to for that is Campo Oeste. This is a small community with about 200 people as residents. They survive from abalone and lobster fishing.

  • Camping – There are no lodging options available on the island – as you won’t find hotels and hostels here. You can, however, camp but you need to bring your own tents. The northern side of the island is where you can mostly find the flat locations to set up camp in. One area to go to for camping is Campo Bosque.



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