14 Interesting Facts about Whale Sharks

Here are 14 of the most interesting facts about whale sharks, one of the most intriguing fish in the seas! There is still a lot to learn about whale sharks, but these facts will get you started!

Whale sharks are considered by experts to be an enigma of the world. Despite their great sizes, almost nothing is known about them. It is widely agreed however, that all efforts should be made to both learn more about them, and to also to help save and conserve them.

As Jaques Custeou once said, people save what they love. So by spreading awareness, we can help conserve these gentle giants!

interesting facts about whale sharks

14 interesting facts about whale sharks


1, Whale sharks can live to be over 100 years old.

2. No one has ever witnessed a whale shark mate or give birth.

3. Known as nomads or gypsies of the ocean because the wander the seas

4. It’s the biggest fish and shark in the world, and not a whale.

5. They can’t eat anything bigger than a fish egg. They are filter feeders and eat plankton, fish eggs and krill.

interesting facts about whale sharks

6. They have a sixth sense. It’s a vibratory sensory system that runs from the head to tail that helps locate identify and locate prey and predators.

7. Biologist don’t have any idea where whale sharks go in off seasons when they leave tropical areas. Another mystery.

8. The waters off Taiwan are the only areas in the world that have ever seen pregnant whale sharks. Which Is a sad coincidence since Taiwan is one of the biggest fishers ad killers of sharks.

interesting facts about whale sharks

9. No live baby whale shark has ever been seen. The smallest ever recorded was in Nigaloo and was 2.9 meters long. No one has any idea how old it could be.

10.¬†Many countries have turned whale shark fishermen into Eco tourist guides, giving them an income that doesn’t kill sharks. Philippines being one.

11. Mating opportunities are rare, as whale sharks don’t mate until they are around 30 years old, and the large ones are what fishermen target.

12. In the providence of donsol in Philippines, are believed to be the biggest concentration in the world. I’ve also seen whale sharks here in Philippines.

interesting facts about whale sharks

13. So little is known about whale sharks that they don’t know if they are endangered or not. But all conversationalists agree that they are declining in numbers

14. Spots behind the gills of whale sharks can identify individuals, just like fingerprints. Scientists even have photo databases for identifying them.

interesting facts about whale sharks
Thanks to James Kelly for the sweet photos of whale sharks.