Kalanggaman Island, Philippines

The crystalline beaches and immaculate sandbars are the main characteristics of Kalanggaman; this small island is a tropical paradise perfect for swimming and snorkeling in its pristine waters.

The easiest way to get to Kalanggaman is by taking a flight to Tacloban Airport and then taking four hours to ride to Palompon. Once in the Palompon Liberty Park, you can catch a boat to Kalanggaman. 

It is also a popular day trip from Malapascua Island, in Cebu. So you can also fly to Cebu City and take a 4 hour drive north to the boat that goes to Malapascua, and arrange trips from there. 

Kalanggaman is known for being a virgin island, meaning you won’t find resorts or any buildings, however, if you wish to spend the night, you can ask the staff at Palompon Liberty Park, and they’ll gladly allow you to stay if you bring your camping gear.