The Kecak Fire Dance with a Uluwatu Sunset

This whole month has been about rehashing my many great experiences in Bali, which I had plenty to talk about! First I published the 101 Awesome Things to do in Bali, as well as the Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving Bali, and now I am writing stories from each individual experience I had one those lists!

There is just so many interesting things happening in Bali, whether you are a history lover or scuba diver or just want to sit on a remote beach. It’s a place that I don’t mind returning to again and again.

One of those fun experiences, was watching the Kecak fire dance/show at the Uluwatu Temple complex. Actually, you probably saw my previous article about exploring the actual Uluwatu complex and dealing with thieving monkeys, and this is just an extension of that.

After walking the cliff top path and then resting at the temple, I wandered with the crowds to a arena looking area that was surrounded by stadium type seating on three sides, and the cliff edge on the fourth. Pretty awesome locations for a sunset show.

If you have ever been to a Baron Kris dance in Ubud or Sukawati, then you kind of get a taste of what a Kecak show is like. Although I probably prefer a Barong show, they are very similar in some of the acts with the costumes and masks and puppets, which I like.uluwatur kecak dance

The main difference, as you can see from the photo above, is that some of the acts in the Kecak show include a ton of people, where they do big group traditional dances.

Sometimes chanting and stomping in a big circle, with drums and fire going, other times doing big synchronized moves together. Other acts of the show only include a few people, and are similar to the Barong, with the costumes and story and movements.

Over all its a really fun show to watch, and is worth the sore bum on the stone seats. Once its closer to dark the fire comes out and is incorporated in the show. all in all I highly recommend seeing the show at least once.

Its hard to really explain or describe all of the different dances and acts of the show, this is just something you will want to see for yourself.

With the music and the cliff top ocean view and the traditional dancing and costumes and the temple on the peak and everything else, this is definitely one aspect of Bali that I will be experiencing again.