Malibu, California

Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Malibu is a staple in American pop culture and has been featured in a variety of television shows and movies. Along with its celebrity status, Malibu has some awesome sites for those interested in scuba diving in California.

How to get to Malibu

The closest airport to Malibu is LAX. From Los Angeles, you can take a public bus (number 534) which also services Santa Monica. Your best bet though is to rent a car, as Malibu is part of the PCH.

Dive Sites near Malibu

  • Staircase: A remote dive site that involves a difficult hike (nicknamed heart attack hill). But, divers who make it will be rewarded with a healthy kelp forests and hides plenty of sea creatures including some friendly harbour seals.
  • Leo Carillo: A great dive site that can be divided into three sections for three separate dives, Leo Carillo is home to sharks, rays, octopus, nudibranchs, seals, sea lions, lobster and more. It is also a great spot for night dives.
  • Nicholas Canyon: Made up of large reefs and kelp forests, this site is full of life because it is not as popular a dive site as others in the nearby area. Rockfish, sand bass, blacksmith, and perch are common sightings. Lucky divers will also see bat rays, thornback rays, and angel sharks.
  • Point Dume: Tall pinnacles and great visibility make this a popular dive site. Sea lions will frequently join divers as they search for lobster, horn sharks, bat rays, and the sand dollar beds. Keep an eye on the blue for whales and dolphins.

Other things to do in Malibu

One of the most popular events in Malibu is the Spring Film Festival, which is worth checking out if you are around during that time. Malibu is also great for surfing or just swimming and relaxing on the beaches. Check out our list of the Best Beaches in California.