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Last updated on Feb. 12. 2020. 

This website has so many different guides to SCUBA diving locations and destinations, where you can dive with countless species, that it is only natural that we also talk about the awesome things we see. 

People don’t just ask us where they should go diving, but they also want to know what they can see. Of course we do have our Critter Hunter video series, where we cover a lot of cool species around the world, but now we also have this critter directory, where we can cover countless more interesting marine creatures. 

Browse through the lists of species below, and if you see any specific ones you like, click on them and you will be directed to an individual informational page made just for that exact species.

Each month we are adding more species to the directory, so leave us a comment below and let us know what fish you want to learn more about!

Marine Species Directory


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Eel Species


Be a part of the team!

Want to be a contributor? We are always in need of photos, specifically of rare species. Send us an email, and you can get your own contributor profile page on this site, while at the same time helping us educate the world about our wonderful marine critters! Hit us up at

It’s not just seahorse photos and information we are after either. Check out our whole species directory to see what we have so far, but also keep in mind that we are adding more and more each month! So let us know what you specialize in, or how you can contribute, and we will make you a part of the team! 

Did you know?

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Critter Hunter TV

Did you know that in 2020 we started a series on YouTube called “Critter Hunter”, where Justin Carmack travels the world, filming amazing critters from his “SCUBA diver’s bucketlist”. 

Want to see what kind of species we find next, and what country we visit?

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