Monterey, California

An hours drive away is another smaller city, Monterey. Often done as a day trip, Monterey is also popular with water enthusiasts and prized for its beautiful coastline. It’s no surprise that these two smaller cities are great destinations for scuba diving in California.

How to get to Monterey:

Monterey does have its own small airport that gets regular flights from SFO, LAX, and several other American airports. However, as it is such as small city, most people add it in as part of a road-trip and drive. It is also possible to take the bus or train, though you will have to make a couple connections depending on where you are coming from.

Dive sites close to Monterey:

  • Coral Street Beach: One of the most interesting dives in the area, this is a big kelp forest where you can often find otters, seals, sea lion, and if you are really luck, whales. Great for photography. It is highly recommended that you go with an experienced guide who knows the area.
  • Breakwater Cove: Enter by beach and follow the pipes out until about 40-50 feet depths. Lots of sea life here including octopus, sea lions, and halibut. A popular place for classes, so busier on weekends.

Other Things to do in Monterey:

Monterey is small, and unless you enjoy the low-key and laid-back atmosphere, you can see the area as a day trip. Monterey is known for its historic buildings and its aquarium. There are also a few museums and parks in the area.