Awesome Scuba Diving Instagrammers to Follow in 2018

When it comes to looking for awesome underwater photos and videos, Instagram has always been my go-to vice.

Like many ocean and/or scuba lovers, Taking a break from the day to day routine to check out the latest posts from the best underwater photographers in the world, and maybe even get a little inspiration for the day, is a must for me.

I don’t know about you, but when I seen a truly awe-ing photo or video, no matter the source, I want to share it with my friends, and that is the point of this article.

I want to share wit you some truly inspiring and talented scuba divers and underwater photographers that grace my follow list!

These Instagram accounts are in no particular order of importance, they are all just great profiles everyone should be watching in 2018!

35 Awesome Scuba Diving Instagrammers

1: @TrueNomads

Our very own! Owner of Art of Scuba Diving, Justin is traveling the world for scuba diving for years, and posts daily underwater videos from some awesome diving location. He ONLY posts videos, making his Instagram pretty unique, as well inspiring to follow!

2: @Simonjpierce

Simon Pierce is a marine biologist, posting awesome underwater (and occasional above water) photos of incredible creatures and scuba diving locations. Check out his whale shark photos!

3: @Alancegan

Alan is an awesome underwater photographer, and you can feel his love for the ocean through his Instagram account. You can also check him out at

4: @Scubabunnie

Tracy has one serious love for scuba diving, and one amazing skill when it comes to underwater photography, which he shares via her Instagram. I enjoy following her and seeing her amazing work.


Nadia travels the world, diving some of the coolest locations there is, making photos and underwater videos for her site,, and making everyone jealous of her life!

6: @scubadiverlife

Owned by Nadia (above), is one of the biggest names in the industry, and their Instagram shows their love for scuba diving, and shows how cool the trips their offer are!

7: @Luminousdeep

Sumer Verma is from India, and not only does a lot of incredible diving around her country, including beautiful Andaman Islands, but also shoots underwater all over the world. One to follow.

8: @Pinneng

The authority in scuba diving around Indonesia, Pinning post about his many dive trips around the country, and is an awesome underwater photographer. Definitely a scuba diving Instagrammer to watch.

9: @Scubadivingmag

Owners of, this instagram account always posts things that every ocean and diver will love.

10: @Paditv

Well, we all know PADI, the biggest name in scuba, and their Instagram does an amazing job promoting the sport, and the ocean in general. Check them out for great posts from all over the globe.

11: @Ken_kiefer_underwater

Yet another professional underwater photographer, Ken is also a Ikelite Ambassador, and takes some unique photos that are definitely worthy of your news feed.

12: @Jenniferhayesig

Jennifer Hayes is a National Geographic Contributor, Photographer, Speaker and Ocean Advocate. Wait until you see her great shots from around the world.

13: @PerrinJames1

Underwater Creative director at, this account boasts some of the best shark diving and free diving content on Instagram, and advocations marine conservation as well.

14: @Shawnheinrichs

Shawn is a great photographer, and also a conservationists. I first found him when the documentary called Racing Extinction came out. Definitely one to follow.

15: @Brianskerry

Brian Skerry is a Wildlife Photojournalist for National Geographic Magazine, and his content is insane, and you should be following him for sure.

16: @Paulnicklen

17: @Williamdrumm

William is one of my favorite accounts to follow, and I love seeing his new posts pop up in my feed. Follow him for great photos and videos above and below the waves.

18: @Juansharks

This is one of my favorite accounts when it comes to shark conservation, as it shows some amazing encounters, and a whole different side to sharks.

19: @Oceanramsey

Another great marine biologist and shark conservationist posting some amazing content each day, keeping people educated about sharks and conservation.

20: @Alexmustard1

Alex is one of the best underwater photographers I’ve seen, and his Instagram proves it.

21: @Fathomlesslife

Olly of Fathomless Life shares the best scuba diving, ocean and marine life posts from around Instagram multiple times a day, garnering him a massive following of scuba lovers!

22: @Brentdurand

Brent is an awesome underwater photographer, and even leads photography workshops to remote locations such as Philippines, Galapagos and more, posting his work on Instagram regularly.

23: @Sharkgirlmadison

24: @uwphotographyguide

Owner Scott and the rest of the crew at share their’s and other amazing photographer’s work on this great account to follow.

25: @scubadivergirls

26: @lizparkinson1

27: @troy.iloski

Troy is another amazing underwater photographer, with a particular love for the Caribbean. You can also find his work on big publications such as National Geographic and right here on Art of Scuba Diving.

28: @todd_winner

29: @jdbaluch

Justin David posts awesome photos and videos of scuba and free diving, every day, and those are definitely ones you want in your feed!


31: @drifting_diver

An ambassador for both woman divers as well as Dahab scuba diving, owner Jeanette posts photos and videos nearly daily from her awesome adventures underwater in Egypt.

32: @scubashooters

33: @Gaetanodariogargiulo

Not the easiest name to remember, but this guy has some amazing macro photography. Go check out some of those seahorses!

34: @sportdiver

From the popular Sport Diver Magazine, these guys are sharing photos and videos from some of the best underwater photographers in the world.

35: @Artofscuba

And last but not least, our very own! We curate and share the best ocean and scuba related posts from around instagram multiple times a day, keeping that wander lust alive! We hope to see you there!


So if you are a lover of scuba diving, marine creatures, the ocean, underwater photography, sharks and more, this list is all you will ever need for a feed full of inspiring and incredible content!

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Justin Carmack
Justin is a dive master and world traveler on a mission to dive and document the top 100 dive sites in the world. In doing this he hopes to bring love for the marine environment to the world!

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