The OrcaTorch D910v Video Light

This week I got my hands on a video light called the OrcaTorch D910v, which I was excited to test out. I am always on a quest to continually upgrade my gear and get better clips, so testing out new equipment is always fun. 

First, I got to make the stereotypical “unboxing” video, once it arrived. That looked something like this:  

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Did I have high hopes that this light would be my new go-to video light? No, not really. OrcaTorch is not a huge brand name, and the price of the D910v was half the price of my current favorite lights, at $400. So how good could it really be? 

But once I had it in hand, I was a little surprised at its high quality build; Aircraft-grade machined aluminum, and sturdy feeling. 

I was also instantly happy with the on-off button, and it’s easy use. I know, that seems trivial, but for an underwater videographer that needs to be quick with the shots so that the critter doesn’t swim off, I was excited to put this light to the test. 

So I did. During 4 1-hour dives, I used and abused the D910v, and documented the whole thing. Here is the full review video: 

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So just incase you didn’t watch the whole video, I give this OrcaTorch a huge Thumbs up. I was shocked how long the battery lasted; more than double the time of my favorite video lights (which by the way cost double the price). 

And I was also blown away with the controls. It was awesome being able to just reach over with one finger and turn the light on instantly and easily. Something I can’t do with my more expensive lights. 

Anyway, just go watch the full review, there just isn’t much else I can say. But long story short: If you’re an underwater videographer, at $400 each, you definitely will have no regrets with the D910v! 

So what should I review next?

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