51 Great Places to Visit in Bangalore, India

Bangalore, which is officially known as Bengaluru, is the capital of the Karnataka State. It’s the third most populous city in India and is considered to be a mega-city thanks for its population of over 10 million people. Bangalore has a rich history; from Indian Royalty to the British capture to India’s independence.

Much of this history can be found throughout the city’s museums, buildings, and temples. So if you are in Bangalore and looking for some tips and suggestions of what to see and do while in town, here is our list of the best places to visit in Bangalore.


51 Great Places to Visit in Bangalore


1. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills is best known for the sunrise views you can see from the hilltop. This area, also called Nandi Betta, is actually an old slope fortification but today as a favourite spot for nature lovers. People come here to walk, hike, or even just to have a picnic away from the city.

2. Wonder La

This popular amusement park is known to be the loudest and craziest place in Banglore. From rides to pools to games and more, there is plenty to see and do here for visitors of all ages. Wonder La definitely makes for a fun day out.

3. Innovative Film City

Another popular theme park that is a hit with both adults and children. From Ripley’s Believe it or Not to the Wax Museum to the Haunted Mansion, there’s lots to see, do, and explore at Innovative Film City.

4. Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Gardens is a waterpark spread over 1.5km. Boating, waterslides, gardens, kid’s activities, and a swimming pool are a few of the things you can find to do here.

5. Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden use to be a private garden owned by Hyder Ali, one of the most famous rulers of old Mysore in the 1700s. Today, Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is known around the world and seen as one of the best gardens in the East thanks to its design, maintenance, and beauty. While it is visually appealing, it’s also helped in advancing cultivation and agriculture in the state.

6. Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park

Musical fountains are fun for all ages, and the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park is no exception. There are over 15 formations and 27 different combinations that can be seen on this musical fountain.

7. Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake, also known as Halasaru Lake, is a tranquil and relaxing place that people like to come to for a bit of peace and quiet. It’s great for walks, picnics, swimming, and boating.

8. Sankey Tank

A manmade lank in western Bangalore. The lake spreads across 37.5 acres making it a favourite place for locals and visitors to come and relax.

9. Cubbon Park

If you are looking for green space in Bangalore, then head to Cubbon Park. Plenty of bamboo forests, flower beds, and grassy lawns make it a great place for walker, jogger, or families looking for a relaxing day. While the natural beauty is a definite attraction, Cubbon Park is also home to some aesthetically pleasing buildings and statues as well.

10. The Bangalore Aquarium

The Bangalore Aquarium

The Bangalore Aquarium is located within Cubbon Park and is the second largest aquarium in all of India. It was established in 1983 and is a popular place for visitors and locals to come with their families.

11. Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park is, as expected, a place where visitors can come see and learn about a variety of different butterflies. The purpose of this park is to focus on protection, research, and preservation of butterflies but it’s also a popular place for visitors to come see and learn about these beautiful ‘flying jewels’.

12. Bugle Rock Park

Bugle Rock Park is home to an interesting rock, the so-called Bugle Rock, which has drawn the interest of researchers and geologists who have determined that it dates back to more than 3000 million years. It’s a unique landmark but also a great viewpoint overlooking the city of Bangalore.

13. The Bull Temple

The Bull Temple, known locally as Dodda Basavana Gudi or Nandhi Temple, is located in Bugle Rock Park. The bull in reference here in Nandhi, a sacred Hindu demi-god and attendant to Shiva. One of the largest Nandhi figures in the world can be found here.

14. Vidhana Soudha

Bangalore is full of beautiful buildings but Vidhana Souda is definitely a standout. This building has 300 rooms and houses 22 departments of the Government of Karnataka. There is no entrance fee to visit the building, however you will require special permission.

15. Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

Another stunning building, Bangalore palace is a must-see when in Bangalore. The palace is surrounded by well-manicured gardens and the building itself is ornate with plenty of impressive decorations and architecture inside.

16. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Another beautiful palace is the Tipu Sultan’s Summer palace which was, once, the residence of Tipu Sultan; a well-known ruler of Mysore. The palace was built in the late 1700s but today serves as a museum and exhibition hall.

17. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Without a doubt, the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is one of the tourist highlights in Bangalore. This planetarium has a science park and a science centre but the main attraction is the Sky Theatre.

18. Bannerghatta National Park

One of the best places to visit in Bangalore is Bannerghatta National Park. It’s home to India’s first butterfly park along with plenty of flora and fauna. Visitors can take safaris here where they can see lions, crocodiles, and tigers to name a few.

19. Ramanagara

Those looking for places to visit in Bangalore. Trekking and camping are both popular activities in his natural area.

20. Visit a Winery

Visit a Winery

Visitors may be surprised to learn that there a couple of Vineyard around Bangalore. Winery tours are a popular way to experience them.

21. Kunti Betta Trek

Another popular trekking area near Bangalore is Kunti Betta. The hills are 2882m above sea level and offer some great views. That being said, night treks are the most popular way to visit here. Hikers will then spend a couple hours at the top in the dark to wait and watch the sunrise.

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22. Anthargange

Rocky hills, boulders, and caves are the main landscape of Anthargange. The rugged terrain here is a popular place to escape from the busy city life. Tours are recommended for those who are interested in exploring the caves.

23. Snow City

Bangalore is a warm destination, but you can beat the heat at Snow City; one of the newest places to visit in Bangalore. Make some snowballs, check out the ice castle, and play in the sub-zero temperatures.

24. Toit

Craft beer enthusiasts will love Toit. It’s one of the top microbreweries in Bangalore and serves up some great beers and food.

25. Big Brewsky

Big Brewsky

Another spot for beer lovers is the Big Brewsky. Open air seating beside a pool, liv performances, good food and great freshly-brewed beer.

26. Arbor Brewing Company (ABC)

Another fun brewery is Arbor Brewing Company, or ABC for short. It’s an American style craft brewery with a fun ambience and great food.

27. Brigade Road

If you are looking for Bangalore’s nightlife, then Brigade Road is the place to go. From pubs to bars to restaurants and arcades, Brigade Street has it all.

28. MG Road

MG Road is another great area for shopping and entertainment. It’s always lively and full of people.

29. Commercial Street

Calling all shopaholics! If you are looking to shop while in Bangalore, then Commercial Street is the place to go! From high end designer brands like Jimmy Choo, to local shops selling traditional saris, you can find it all here.

30. Skyye Ultra Lounge

Skyye Ultra Lounge

This classy rooftop lounge is the perfect spot for a night out. Outdoor seating and a live DJ make it a fun spot.

31. High Ultra Lounge

If your idea of a great night out involves good Asian food, a delicious cocktail, and panoramic views of the city then be sure to check out High Ultra Lounge for a night out in Bangalore.

32. Hoot

In the mood for cocktails? Head to hoot, one of Bangalore’s premier cocktail bars. Food is served here as well; continental, North Indian, and Italian dishes are on the menu here.

33. Black Rabbit

Another top recommended spot for weekend parties is the Black Rabbit- a trendy bar known for its cool ambiance. However, it’s not just a party spot. Black Rabbit is also known for their delicious brunches.

34. The Black Pearl

If you are craving barbeque than The Black Pearl is the place to go. Great food and pirate themed décor makes it a fun spot to grab a meal.

35. VV Puram Food Street

VV Puram Food Street

Looking for one of the best spots to get street food in Bangalore? Then VV Puram Food Street is the place to go. There is a ton of different types of food on offer, all of which is very affordable and budget friendly.

36. UB City Mall

A shopping mall may not seem like the most exciting place to highlight but UB City Mall stands out because it is India’s first luxury mall. If you are looking for top brands and high-end shopping, this is the spot.

37. Freedom Park

Freedom Park was inspired by Hyde Park in London. The park has been used as a stage for meetings, protests, and rallies.

38. Bangalore Fort

The original Bangalore Fort was made of mud and was built in 1537. The fort as you can see it today has been reconstructed, but it’s still a significant historical monument as it witnessed the struggle of the Mysore Empire against the British. The Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is located within the walls of the fort as well as beautiful gardens and a temple.

39. Iskcon Temple Bangalore

The Iskcon Temple in Bagalore is not only an important spiritual place, but also a social complex and community centre. The temple is devoted to Lord Krishna but puts on a number of activities and events.

40. HAL Aerospace Museum

HAL Aerospace Museum

Built in 2001 the HAL (Hidustan Aeronautics Limited) Aerospace Museum was the first of its kind in India. There is an aerospace library, aircraft models, parks and children’s activities on the campus of this museum.

41. Venkatappa Art Gallery

Located within the Karnataka Government Museum, the Venkatappa Art Gallery has a large collection of more than 600 paintings spread over two floors. The gallery was dedicated to a great painter by the name of Venkatappa who’s works can also be found on the walls.

42. Government Museum

Established in 1865 by the Mysore State, the Government Museum is the second oldest museum in south India and has a vast collection of weapons, jewelry, coins, paintings, and artefacts.

43. Devanahalli Fort

Devanahalli Fort was the birthplace of Bangalore’s famous Tipu Sultan. The building is a popular site for visitors due to its history and architecture. The stone fort was built in the 1500s and, while it is now considered to be a ruin, it is still quite impressive to see.

44. Gavi Gangadhareshara Temple

One of the most well-known temples in Bangalore is Gavi Gangadhareshara Temple which is also known as Gavipuram Cave Temple. It’s one of the best examples of India’s rock cut design and dates back to the 16th century. It is devoted to Shiva and the main highlight of this temple is that, in the evening, the sun passes through the horns of the Nandi figure and illuminates an idol in the cave.

45. St. Mary’s Basilica

St. Mary’s Basilica in Bangalore

The oldest church in Bangalore and the only church in the state to be elevated to a minor basilica. It’s a popular place to visit and photograph but the best time to see it is in September when it really comes to life during the festivities for St. Mary’s Fest.

46. Art of Living International Centre

The headquarters of the Art of Living Foundation It’s an ashram that focuses on creating a stress-free society. There are a number of different treatments including yoga and meditation and its set against a beautiful backdrop of gardens, flowers, and a lake. It attracts 1.2 million people from around the world each year.

47. Ragigudda Anjaneya Temple

Located on a small hilltop in Bangalore, this temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Hanuman. It contains a beautiful idol of Hanuman as well as a Shivaling. The Ragigudda Anjaneya Temple is quite modern as it was built in 1972.

48. Halasuru Someshwara Temple

This temple is dedicated to Shiva and was built somewhere between the 12th and 13th century. It’s the oldest temple in the city.

49. Chikballapura

A popular day trip spot about an hour outside of Bangalore is Chikballapura. Surrounded by five hills it’s a popular place to go for those interested in trekking and hiking. While the outdoors is the main draw here, the area is also known for its silk and incense industry.

50. Shivagange


About 1.5 hours outside of Bangalore, Shivangage is another popular day trip spot. There is a temple and a spring that is a popular pilgrimage site as well as a short 3km trek to the hilltop which offers some nice views.

51. Savandurga

Considered to the largest monolith hill in all of Asia, the Savandurga hills make for a great day trip from Bangalore. There are temples in the foot hills and hiking, trekking, and rock-climbing opportunities for adventurous visitors. Savandurga is about 1.5 hours outside of Bangalore.

Whether you are most interested in temples and museum, parks and the outdoors, or dining and nightlife, you will definitely find plenty of places to visit in Bangalore to keep you busy during your stay.


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