10 Amazing Places to Visit in Indonesia

In this guide, you will get a ton of information on the most awesome places to visit in Indonesia! Each location unique, and a must see for every traveler.

Indonesia is one of my favorite places on earth to visit, and when asked the impossible question: Where is your favorite country?, Indonesia is always one of the answers. Indonesia is on my list of top 100 best dive sites in the world a bunch of times, and for good reason.

But there isn’t just beaches and diving, and I am quick to point this out to people who have only heard of Bali, Indo’s most touristy location.

There are countless breathtaking places to visit in Indonesia, and listing them all would take ages, but I thought I would highlight some of the lesser known, yet must-see places to check out in the country.

From diving untouched coral in Raja Ampat to hiking volcanoes in Bali to exploring jungles, you could spend a lifetime trying to discover each nook and cranny of this tropical paradise. Here are a few places to visit in Indonesia to get you started.


1. Bandung

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Bandung is the place you go for the typical Indonesian city, but that is conveniently located for great day trips to the surrounding countryside – high volcanic peaks, hot springs and tea plantations are all within reach. The city itself is very busy, and you can do lots of shopping and all that urban stuff you’ll miss at many locations in Indonesia.


2. Raja Ampat

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Imagine an archipelago with jungle interiors, white sand beaches, few people and hardly know by foreign tourists, and then throw in some of the best coral reef in the universe, and you start to get an idea about what you might experience in Raja Ampat. And it is listed on the top 100 dive locations for a good reason!


3. Manado, North Sulawesi

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Manado is another place that is great to explore, but is also a great jumping off point for the Minahasa region for some amazing day trips, including the islands and reefs of nearby Bunaken for amazing diving in Bunaken National Marine Park. Definitely one of the more beautiful places to visit in Indonesia. Lembeh Straights is also a premier muck diving location in Indonesia.


4. Mount Bromo

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Bromo is one of the mst scenic active volcano, famous for its epic sunsets. Mount Bromo is a part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park that covers a massive area of 800 square kilometres. Bromo is easy to get to as its a popular destination, and a must see location in Indonesia.


5.  Lake Toba

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Lake Toba is the giant, clear lake in the volcanic peaks of Sumatra, that is very overlooked when it comes to foreign tourists. Despite that, or maybe because of that, Lake Toba is arguably one of the mst scenic attractions in all of Sumatra. Definitely a place you must visit in Indonesia.


6. Komodo Island

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Komodo Island is a popular destination known by many, but I had to include it here because it IS the only locations in the world where you can see the famous giant lizards, the Komodo dragons. What people DON’T know however, is that Komodo is also a great destination for scuba diving, with pristine reef.


7. Tana Toraja

Places to Visit in Indonesia

If you are looking for a very different cultural experience, Tana Toraja is the place to goo. relatively unexposed to the rest of the world for years, the culture here is still unique and extremely interesting On top of that, it is also a very beautiful place to visit in Indonesia, it it’s rice terraces, jungles and vibrant architecture.


8. Lombok

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Often overlooked because of its superstar neighbor Bali, Lombok is always recommended when travelers are looking for something away from the norm. An easy trip from Bali, you will encounter pristine beaches, rice paddies and a laid back environment. Gunung Rinjani is Indonesia’s second highest volcano, and can be found here as well.


9. Baliem Valley

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Baliem Valley most accessible destination in Papua’s interior, and definitely one of the most fascinating cultural wise. Baliem Valley is the go-to place to explore Western Papua, and the unique native tribes and cultures. Though spears and cannibalism has been replaced with cell phones and Christianity, below the surface you will experience the old ways of this interesting place.


10. Bali

Places to Visit in Indonesia

Yes we all know about Bali. Its the most known destination in Indonesia, and practically a second home for Australians. But set aside the surfing and partying, and there is actually some world class diving just off shore. You can find the elusive Mola Mola here, as well as numerous wrecks and reefs. Definitely check these out when in Bali, as you are sure to stop here at some point while traveling to these other places in Indonesia.

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