Scuba Destination Spotlight #1: Dahab, Egypt


This week’s scuba diving destination spotlight is the Red Sea diving king of Dahab, Egypt. A favorite to many scuba travelers, with world-famous dive sites such as the Blue Hole and the nearby Thistlegorm is frequented by dive lovers from near and far. Even world records in diving have been set in Dahab, such as the Guinness world record for the deepest dive in the world by Amed Gabr at 319 meters.

Scuba Diving Dahab, Egypt

scuba diving Dahab

Dahab is a popular scuba destination for Europeans, partially due to the extremely cheap flights to near-by Sharm El Sheik, and mostly because of the world-class scuba diving, year-round, in warm waters and 40 meter visibility. Most people don’t think of word-class diving when they hear the word Egypt, but I can tell you from first hand experience that Egypt is a better experience than probably anywhere in Europe OR USA. There are a lot of awesome dive sites in Dahab, the most popular and known being the notorious Blue Hole.

Other great dive sites in Dahab include The Canyon, Lighthouse, Ricks Reef, Islands and a bunch in the area called “the south”. On of the most unique dives I’ve ever done was out of Dahab, where we loaded a camel train with dive tanks and gear, and rode for an hour down the coast past Blue Hole, to a insane and untouched dive site called Abu Galum.

There are also a lot of other day trips from Dahab, such as the famous Thistlegorm wreck outside of Sharm, about 45 minutes out of Dahab, and lots of other locations on liveaboards that leave from Sharm. I prefer the dive sites in Dahab to Sharm, and I definitely rather stay/live in the smaller, quieter Dahab, and just do day trips to the Sharm dives once in a while.

Have you been to Dahab? What was your experience like? We also put together an entire guide to scuba diving Egypt, so check that out for more diving ideas than just Dahab! This is our first weekly destination spotlight, so stay tuned and subscribe below to never miss our next sweet scuba diving location!

scuba diving Dahab

scuba diving Dahab


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