Scuba Destination Spotlight #10: Scuba Diving Grenada

The so-called ‘Shipwreck Capital of the Caribbean’ Grenada is the home to beautiful coral reefs, wall dives, and wrecks. It’s the largest of three sister islands right where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a place filled with lush forests, rare flora and tropical fauna. It’s a location that’s ideal for visit any time of the year, because the climate is mild and warm, and the island’s small size make it easy to maneuver and find the perfect diving spots.

Scuba Diving in Grenada

scuba diving grenada

The ideal diving period in Grenada is from January through August, even though the off-peak months from August to October are suitable as well, but there is a possibility of a tropical storm in that period.

There are over 40 boat diving sites to explore in and around Grenada, with some of them located inland. The famous ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’ is a very popular location, and is a must-dive for any advanced scuba diver. The wreck of the Bianca C – which sank in 1962 – is exposed to strong currents, and its shallowest part is at 37 meters. It makes for a thrilling dive for anyone with the skills to experience it.

scuba diving grenada

Another popular wreck is MV Shakem, a cement-carrying cargo ship that lies upright on the seabed at 32 meters depth. An interesting location, because skilled divers can explore the interior of the ship, as well as the captain’s cabin, where it’s possible to see floating debris left over from the ship.

There are many fascinating locations to dive in Grenada, like the Grenada Marine Park, the King Mitch, the Veronica L, where you can easily see the diverse marine life and the beautiful coral reefs. Species such as Frogfish, hawksbill turtles, and all sorts of schooling fish are present in the waters around Grenada, that’s considered one of the best places to dive in the world.

scuba diving grenada

scuba diving grenada


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