Scuba Destination Spotlight #11: Mafia Island, Tanzania

One of the rare unspoiled natural places in the world, Mafia Island is the largest island on the Mafia Archipelago off the coast of Zanzibar. A rarely visited place, Mafia Island a treat for the soul. It’s a place that bursts with color from every spot – it has wonderful undiscovered beaches, untouched nature, and a peaceful culture that’s accepting and welcoming of visitors. Diving and snorkeling here means that you’d often dive alone and have whole stretches of ocean simply for yourself.

Scuba Diving in Mafia Island

scuba diving in Mafia Island

Almost all of Mafia Island’s diving is at depths at less than 30 meters. This makes this a location ideal for any kind of diver, whether beginner or advanced.

The reefs of the archipelago are staggeringly beautiful and constantly teeming with marine life, and their excellent condition has stimulated the creation of Mafia Island Marine Park, the first park of its kind on the island.

All kinds of tropical marine life inhabit the waters around the island, including reefs, rock walls, soft corals, algae-dominated reefs. Over 50 genera of corals and 450 species of fish have so far been identified, and so many more still undiscovered.

While there aren’t any specific locations marked for diving yet, there are plenty of rustic dive shops operating in the area that offer decent services for the fantastic diving that takes place around the island.

There’s just so many types of sea creatures to see, including endangered species, it’s possible to see even the elusive whale shark at just the right time of the year.

Mafia Island is yet to be fully appreciated as a diving location, but what it offers currently should not be missed in any case. The simple, yet soothing, diving that occurs around its waters will be remembered.

scuba diving in Mafia Island

scuba diving in Mafia Island

scuba diving in Mafia Island

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