Scuba Destination Spotlight #13: Asinara Marine Park, Sardinia, Italy

One of Europe’s most beautiful national parks, its landscapes and surrounding waters are filled with breathtaking beauty. Its warm climate gives the national park a pristine, surreal look, and at summertime the whole island comes to life with a stunning red floral cape.

It’s an important place for preserving life, as the park is a habitat for many endemic species. It’s accessed by boat from Sardinia, from where trips are arranged on a regular basis.

Scuba Diving Asinara Marine Park


Only specific parts of the island are allowed to swim and dive in, because of the biodiversity present in the waters. Guided by professional divers and marine biologists, there are plenty of tours taking place on and around the island at all times, especially in the warmer seasons.

The warm and azure waters are hosts to plenty of wonderful and endemic species such as the rare bivalve Pinna Nobilis, which can reach one meter in length and is considered the largest Mediterranean mollusk.

The most superficial part of the coastline is colonized by two rare species, the red alga, and the giant arape.


Because of man’s presence on the island, there is great effort in preserving the natural order and life on the island, and every visit can be a costly one, especially for diving purposes.

Different sides of the island have different mini ecosystems, along with different landscapes, and there are sights to be seen all around the island.

Asinara Marine Park is one of the most visited parks of its type in Europe. It regularly hosts over 70,000 visitors per year, and over 2,000 boats are constantly anchored during the summer season.

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