Scuba Destination Spotlight #15: Ambon, Indonesia

Ambon is world renowned for being one of the best muck diving locations on Earth, as well as an amazing location for lots of other kinds of diving as well. Muck diving with rare macro critters, wide angle dives with walls and big critters, and pristine reef make Ambon an awesome destination for divers, and all lacking the crowds.

Scuba Diving Ambon, Indonesia

Ambon is located in centra/east central Indonesia, in the islands of Maluku in the Banda Sea. Ambon got a mention in our guide to scuba diving Indonesia, and while writing that guide we were amazed how insane Ambon is for scuba divers, yet how widely unknown it is.

If you are looking for a very remote, untouched dive location, with a plethora of extremely rare and interesting species, and ever improving reef, all in the Coral Triangle, Ambon should be very high on your list.

Speaking of rare species, Ambon first hit our radars, because it is the only known location on the planet where you can find the psychedelic frogfish, an underwater photographer’s holy grail.

Pictured above, the extremely rare and endangered psychedelic frogfish has been seen by a tiny population of the world, and even in Ambon it is known to disappear for years, thought to be extinct, and then reappear and surprise everyone!

This week’s scuba destination spotlight is one of our favorites so far, and we recommend every scuba traveler check it out for themselves!

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