Scuba Destination Spotlight #17: Azores, Portugal

A relatively unknown and underappreciated location, Azores really is an amazing spot for scuba diving.

It’s located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Portugal, and it’s one of those destinations that everyone has to visit at least once, and that goes doubly for Europeans.

A location known for its excellent combination of marine life and deep, calm waters, Azores is worth a visit.


Scuba Diving Azores

Diving in and around Azores takes place practically the entire year, but some months are more ideal than others – for example the summer months, when the pelagics come in due to the warm currents of the gulf stream.

The Azores comprise of several islands, and all of them have fantastic diving spots, but some are more prominent than others.

Certain dive shops organize diving tours and even island-hopping diving expeditions, which often times revolve around offshore sites that truly shine in the summer months.

At these sites it’s all about diving in clear blue waters together with the fantastic marine life, such as manta rays, blue sharks, the occasional makos, and even whale sharks and hammerheads.

Diving along with these creatures is really what makes Azores a world class diving spot, especially in the best scuba diving months.

The largest island is São Miguel, also known as Green Island, and it offers many incredible spots to dive.

Diving wrecks like the Dori and the Liberty Ship from World War II are some of the most notable spots there, and they’re only a few kilometers from the city Ponta Delgada.

The island is also surrounded by a marine reserve that many divers will enjoy, which is a very unique spot because it’s created by an ancient submerged volcano.

It’s also a protected area that hosts an abundance of marine life.

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