Scuba Destination Spotlight #2: Togean, Indonesia


This week’s scuba diving destination spotlight is the Togean Islands of Indonesia. These islands are in the region of Sulawesi, and are reputed to be some of the calmest deep water bays in the world. There are certain places that not many people have heard of, but when you visit them you can’t believe they aren’t more known. Togean islands are one of those places.

Scuba Diving Togean Islands, Indonesia

Scuba Diving Togean

The Togean islands do not have many visitors, and there are not a lot of locals, so the reef and dive sites are in pristine conditions. From a WW2 plane wreck, to reef formations, big animals and macro critters, the Togeans rival any world class dive location, no matter what you are looking for.

Indonesia is all over our list for the best diving in the world, and Togeans are another example of a amazing scuba diving location that has gone completely under the radar, but offers better diving than most sites in the world. Definitely check it out on your next visit to Indonesia and the Coral Triangle.

To get to the Togeans for diving, you need to get to Manado in Sulawesi, but the Togean islands are pretty remote, and it would be too far to make a day trip from Manado for diving, so you will either need to join a livaboard heading that way, or head to the area and stay at on of a number of dive resorts available.

To get to Togean, you can catch loads of flights from Bali to Manado, which are an hour or so.

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Known dive sites around the Togeans

  • B24 Bomber Wreck – Crash-landed in 1945 during the war, this is Togean’s best wreck dive, and nothing has been removed or bothered.
  • Una Una – This is a seldom visited volcanic island with amazing dive sites surrounding it, and a huge amount of species to dive with.
  • Dominic Rock – At 40 meters this site has a sheer drop off into the black. You can see eagle rays, reef sharks and more.
  • Pasir Tengah – This 3km wide coral atoll is the best dive site in the Togean Islands, with plenty of species of both coral and fish, and a huge drop off to depths of 400 meters.
  • Batu Gila – This site is a wall/dropoff dive with some current and amazing visibility
  • Taipi Wall- This site has loads of cool formations, cracks, overhangs and more, loaded with reef and especially gorgonian sea fans and pygmy seahorses.

Scuba Diving Togean

Scuba Diving Togean

Scuba Diving Togean

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