Scuba Destination Spotlight #22: Baa Atoll, Maldives


A UNESCO protected spot since 2011, Baa Atoll is an amazing spot for divers both new and experienced at diving.

It’s a unique place with submerged islands, overhands, swim throughs, and plenty of marine life, Baa Atoll truly deserves its UNESCO status.

Diving in the Atoll offers the change for close encounters with incredible mega-fauna such as whalesharks and manta rays – during the correct season – and a plethora of other creatures like reef sharks, sea turtles, and many other kinds of marine life unique to the Indian Ocean.


Scuba Diving Baa Atoll

Baa Atoll is blessed with many fantastic diving spots in the submerged islands (thilas), channels, and coral reefs.

The calm atmosphere, warm crystal waters, beautiful coral life, and lively reef fishes make the atoll a premier diving choice in the Maldives.

Some well-known sites in the atoll are Maaddoo Giri, Dhonfan thila, Horubadhoo thilla, and Baiypolhi Mas, out of which the last one is considered a challenging dive spot known for its batfish, and the regular spotting of sharks throughout the year.

A famous dive spot called Hanifaru Bay is one of the few places in the entire world that whale sharks congregate in to mate, although recent research suggests the vast majority of the present sharks are young males.

Besides sharks, the place is also the site for some of the largest manta rays gatherings, with up to a hundred individuals when the tide brings in planktons to the bay.

Because of its desertedness, this location has made a mark in the diving industry and is known for world-class dive spots filled with all sorts of flora and fauna.

The spots are perfect for both diving and snorkeling, which can be partook by either beginners or experiences pros.

Baa Atoll is a destination worthy of at least a few visits, and you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic dive if you decide to try out its waters.

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